Sunday, June 17, 2007

“Discover The Internet Marketing Review”

When you read the last 2 posts (The Information Marketing Master Class and The Information Marketing Master Class… Was Fun) you’ll see that 2 Englishmen have discovered a way to unlock the internet treasure chest.

Later, I will tell you how to find the 2 Neils.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, they don’t brag about the $1,000,000’s they earn (I’m sure I heard them admit that they had earned £1,000,000 from their business).

Unlike other super entrepreneurs, they don’t promise you untold riches… they don’t try to give the illusion that you can sit and close your eyes and it will happen just because you wish for it. Magic doesn’t happen… it’s a trick… a deception… a sleight of the hand.

You don’t care about tricks… they are too costly.

You don’t want to be deceived… tricksters will lose your money and cost you time.

You aren’t going to be fooled by a ‘sleight of hand’ card trick.

You know that your magic is all developed from your own hard work. The 2 Neils have worked hard… and now they play. They have fun with their business and enjoy their success.

How To Design Your First Website is about finding help to make your website business successful and allowing you the benefits from your success.

For the last 4 or more years Neil Stafford and Neil Travers have produced a printed newsletter that gives you information that helps you find…
  • The tools of internet marketing
  • Methods for promoting your website so that it is found by search engines
  • Ways to find profitable niches
  • Where to get good payment systems
  • What to write for your website visitor
    How to turn your website visitor into a happy and long standing customer
  • How to turn your internet customer into a friend
  • How your online friends will help promote you and your website to other new friends.

Is this what you want?
Do you want to know where to find the help you want?
Do want help from somebody who knows the pain you feel?
Do you want help in words you understand?
Do you want a friend there who you can turn to?

If so…

Go now, to

This month’s Internet Marketing Review contains…
  1. “Ten Tips For Great Content Creation That Search Engines Love!”
  2. “Screen casting” - Which shows you how video can help you widen your customer appeal
  3. “Negative Keywords” - What they are and how to use them
  4. “Windows Print” - How to keep visitors that you would normally lose after a few seconds
  5. “Not Just a Website… But a Business!” - How to change your mindset to treat your website as a profit centre for success
  6. “Creating Your Online Business”

Wait, there’s more… this month’s edition shows you a new web tool that will index your website by Google.

And, there’s still more… each month the 2 Neils include a CD that they normally sell at £19.95... This month it is “Using Copywriting to Build Your Business and Income - Interview with Nick Wrathall”

The bonus CD alone gives you access to secrets of copywriting from a top UK copywriter… worth more than a years subscription.

I’ve listened to the interview and agree with the statement…

“If you can write your own successful sales copy your business success is set for life”
On the CD Neil Stafford asks Nick about 3 of the 10 important copywriting elements contained in his training course “The Complete Guide To Copywriting” …
  • Headlines
  • Testimonials
  • Order Forms

Nick adds that you must give an “Irresistible Offer”

Ask for Nick Wrathall’s “The Complete Guide To Copywriting” course when you subscribe at… its on special offer.

Neil Stafford and Neil Travers use this course to improve their own sales copy… a fair recommendation. Hint… I know that I’ll be checking out the secrets of Section 7 (as mentioned by Neil Stafford).

See you soon


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