Sunday, July 22, 2007

Basic Blogger Settings

I’m sorry. It has taken a while to post this Blog. No doubt, like yourself, I have been busy starting a new Blog… take a look by clicking Learning How To Draw.

Like ‘How To Design Your First Website’ it is a simple, straight forward and basic Blog. There isn’t anything fancy about it. It is something you could quickly set up for yourself (no copying, of course).

But this doesn’t interest you. You are trying to set up your own blog with and I left you with a promise of showing you what to do with the settings.

So let’s get on with the basic settings…

The picture above shows the basic settings page. There isn’t a great deal to do with the settings on this page other than to personalize with your title and description. The rest of the standard settings can be left as you find them.


Type the name of your Blog in the title box. For example…

How To Design Your First Website

(Use capitals for each of the words)


Here is where you place a brief description of your Blog. It’s a good idea to repeat the keywords 3 or 4 times to help the search engines. As an example, take a look at the description of How To Design Your First Website above…

"Welcome to how to design your first website, where you can follow the birth of a new website that shows you how you can easily design your own first successful website, even if you have never created a web page before. Simple websites are easy to create with free and easy to use web page creation software."

Add your Blog to our listings...

Leave this set to ‘Yes’ (the reasons are obvious)

Show Quick Editing on your Blog?...

Leave this setting as ‘Yes’

Show Email Post links?...

Leave this setting as ‘Yes’

For the global settings…

Show Compose Mode for all your Blogs...

Leave this setting as ‘Yes’

Show transliteration button for your posts?...

Unless you wish otherwise use ‘No’

Finally, Click Save Settings to register the changes you have made.

In the next post I’ll show you the settings I use for Publishing.

See you soon


Sunday, July 8, 2007

“Choosing Your Blog Template - Time To Start Blogging”

This is the final stage before you begin writing your first web log.

When you complete Stage 2, ‘Name Your Blog’ and click the link ‘CONTINUE’ you are taken to the web page form shown below…

I’m not going to lecture you about which of the available templates to choose… it’s your choice.

When I began it was recommended that the first template ‘MINIMA’ was the best.

I have taken that recommendation and have no regrets. It gives a simple, clean and clear outlook. There are no distracting graphics and your visitor’s eye is quickly directed downwards to what you are saying.

MINIMA plainly follows the principle… Keep It Simple!

Why argue with great wisdom?

Well, that’s all folks… click the link ‘CONTINUE’ and you can start your first Blog.

Best of luck with your blogging… please let me know how you are getting on.

See you soon


p.s. There’s more… you’ll want to know how to reorganize the look of your blog and change the settings… don’t worry, I’ll help (look for future posts)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

“What To Name Your Blog”

This will no doubt seem obvious to you but I’ll as the question just the same…

“What are you going to call your Blog?”

The final stage of setting up your Blogger web log is lost unless you know what you are going to call it. You will want a good name for your Blog.

So, what name are you going to give your Blog…
  1. Do you call it after your own name?
  2. Do you try to think up some gimmicky, unforgettable name?
  3. Do you name it in keeping with your subject interest?

Think for a while…

1. Do you call it after your own name?

This possibly appeals to you… your own website that shouts your name to the world.

Beware, could this be vanity? Could this be the best way to get your name on the internet?

Okay, you could be a famous person already. Your name could be on the front page of all newspapers all the world around. If this is the case you must call your Blog after your name… your name is the Blog.

Otherwise, as an average man or woman you are most likely to be known only to your family, friends and colleagues at work.

Ask yourself “Will anyone be looking for my name?”

The answer will be “Perhaps… perhaps not!”

2. Do you try to think up some gimmicky, unforgettable name?

Where’s the harm in trying to come up with a new brand name?

You could be starting a revolution… the new Google or Amazon.

On the other hand, the name you choose could be unforgettable to just one person… YOU!

If you go down this path, you will have to work hard linking in your visitor’s mind to what you are saying. Okay, you might have invented a new drink that is better than COKE but how do you get your readers to understand?

Not so easy! Is there a better way?

YES! Take a close look at option 3...

3. Do you name it in keeping with your subject interest?

Well? What are people looking for? What are they searching for?

If your interest is snail racing then your Blog could be called something like ‘Snail Racing’.

See, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

You surely agree that if you are interested in snail racing you would be searching for websites and Blogs that told you exactly what you want to know. There‘s no question, ‘Snail Racing’ as a headline title tells you just that… its specialist subject is about snail racing.

What if Snail Racing has already been taken by somebody else?

Is this a problem?

No, just try some variations around the theme…
  • How To Go Snail Racing
  • How To Win At Snail Racing
  • How To Breed A Snail Racing Champion
  • Secrets of Snail Racing

See, there are thousands more variations that work. Its your job to choose what you like best.

Try to find a Blog name that describes what the subject is. Try to find a name that contains the key words people are searching for. Use key words that make it easy for your potential visitors to find your Blog.

Don’t place barriers in front of people who are looking for what you can give them.

If they want to know about snail racing and you are an expert… Give them what they want!

In the next post “How To Name Your Blog” and complete the sign-up process…

See you soon


Monday, July 2, 2007

“Start Your First Blog… Quicker Than I Can Tell You How"

(For Part 1 see Blogger Makes It Quick And Easy To Start Your Own Blog)

I know this sounds stupid but it is true…

“It will take me longer to tell you how to set up your first blog with Blogger than it will take you to reigister and get started”

In under an hour you could be telling the world all you know about your favorite hobby or pastime. It doesn’t matter if it is model ship building, dress making or ‘snail racing’. You can quickly show your knowledge, talents and skills with your web log.

Imagine for a moment that you have a passion for snail racing (you never know) and you want to share your closely held secrets with other like minded snail fanciers. Perhaps you have a winning feeding program that turns a sluggish starter into a sprinter. You could be laying the snail trail to glory for 100’s or 1000’s of eager listeners crying out for your winning tips.
Your Blog “‘How To Win At Snail Racing’ is just what they are looking for.

Okay, snails may not be your passion but there is something that you know about. And you can be sure that somebody else wants to you to share your knowledge with them.

So what are you waiting for…

On the Blogger home page, click the link ‘Create Your Blog Now’ and it will take you to the page below…

The first image shows the top of the page and you will see highlighted ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’.

Remember, Blogger is part of Google. You must create a Google account. Without being registered you can’t take advantage of Blogger or use the other valuable Google services.

This is where you register your Google account. The next image shows what information Google need…

Email address…

You’ll need to have a current active email address. This email address will become your user name.

Note: -
When you sign into your Blogger account (you’ll see 2 dialogue boxes at the top of the Blogger home page) you will use this email address where it asks for ‘Username’.


It is recommended that you use a unique password that no one else knows. Its obvious that you don’t want somebody sabotaging your Blogger web log and using it as their own. Equally, you don’t want someone stealing your Google identity to create havoc.

The best type of password combines letters and numbers… ABC123 is the simplest example (don’t use it because it is far too obvious)

I could talk more about passwords and what to do to maintain your security, but there’s plenty of places you can find to give you the minutest of detail… type ‘password security’ into your favorite search engine.

Google make it easy for you… just click ‘Password strength’ to test.

Note: -
This is the password to use when you sign in to Blogger where it asks for ‘Password’ (don’t forget what your password is)

Type password again…

If this appears to be a waste of time to you, bear with it. Its for your own security that Google ask you to repeat what you have already done…

Just type your password again (Personally, I find that it helps me remember what it is)

Display name…

The name you choose hear will be the advertised name you will be known as by your blog readers. Choose wisely.

You could use a pseudonym (a made up name) that protects you from unwanted attention. Use a name that sounds real…

Be careful, Fancy names that hide your true identity might seem clever but will look false. You will look as if you are hiding something. You could seem untrustworthy… a liar…

I don’t know about you… “I don’t like liars”

If you lose your visitor’s trust before you start you have lost everything. They won’t come back.
So, unless you have a reason to do otherwise… use your real name.

It’s your choice.

Word verification…

This is something else that seems a waste of time. What the heck…

Type in the box whatever letters are shown directly above. In this instance, just type in ‘autedici’

Note: -
I don’t know if the text is case sensitive (capitals) but you are safe if you copy exactly as you see it.

The next image shows final stage of your Google registration…

All you have to do now is tick the box to confirm your Acceptance of Terms (after reading the terms of course) and move on to the next stage by clicking…


You’ll find out “How To Name Your Blog” in the next post.

See you soon


Sunday, July 1, 2007

"Blogger Makes It Quick And Easy To Start Your Own Blog"

Would you like to know the secret of starting your own Blog?

Do you realize that you should be able to get your first web log set up in just a few minutes?

“It is easier to start your Blog than it is to create a normal website”

Are you interested? Yes!

Okay let's move on...

Before you begin, decide what your subject is… fishing, snail racing (as we’ll use here), stamp collecting…

Next, think of a name that describes your subject… for example ‘How To Win At Snail Racing’

Now, consider what you want to say and write a few words of introduction… “Learn the carefully guarded secrets about breeding your top champion snail… a snail to beat all others!”

You don’t need a great deal more than this to get going. When you are started you can go back and make any changes you like. You can even delete the blog if you hate it. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes as you make your first steps… they can be put right later…

The bonus is that you could find that people visiting your blog will feel more comfortable with a real human being in charge… someone who makes mistakes like they do.

So, let’s get started…

First you need to find Blogger.

Just type into any search engine (or click on the text link) and it will bring you straight to the home page that looks like this…

Like any good website this is a great front page it has a clear and simple structure that shows you exactly what you need to know.

If you don’t have a website already you aren’t interested in the top line. You’ll only need this after you have completed the set-up process when you want to come back and add new postings, review your feedback or make changes.

When you have a blog site all you have to do is log in with your username (your email address) and the password you have chosen.

I recommend that you take the quick tour… It doesn’t take long and helps you learn some of the advantages of choosing Blogger.

There’s no need to worry about clicking the other links. Go straight to the link ’Create Your Blog Now’.

You are on your way to creating your first web log…

See you soon


p.s. For further information about the best subjects to choose go to Internet Marketing Review … the 2 Neils will help you find the right niche.

p.p.s. Click the link and you will get 2 months trial for just £9.95

Sunday, June 17, 2007

“Discover The Internet Marketing Review”

When you read the last 2 posts (The Information Marketing Master Class and The Information Marketing Master Class… Was Fun) you’ll see that 2 Englishmen have discovered a way to unlock the internet treasure chest.

Later, I will tell you how to find the 2 Neils.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, they don’t brag about the $1,000,000’s they earn (I’m sure I heard them admit that they had earned £1,000,000 from their business).

Unlike other super entrepreneurs, they don’t promise you untold riches… they don’t try to give the illusion that you can sit and close your eyes and it will happen just because you wish for it. Magic doesn’t happen… it’s a trick… a deception… a sleight of the hand.

You don’t care about tricks… they are too costly.

You don’t want to be deceived… tricksters will lose your money and cost you time.

You aren’t going to be fooled by a ‘sleight of hand’ card trick.

You know that your magic is all developed from your own hard work. The 2 Neils have worked hard… and now they play. They have fun with their business and enjoy their success.

How To Design Your First Website is about finding help to make your website business successful and allowing you the benefits from your success.

For the last 4 or more years Neil Stafford and Neil Travers have produced a printed newsletter that gives you information that helps you find…
  • The tools of internet marketing
  • Methods for promoting your website so that it is found by search engines
  • Ways to find profitable niches
  • Where to get good payment systems
  • What to write for your website visitor
    How to turn your website visitor into a happy and long standing customer
  • How to turn your internet customer into a friend
  • How your online friends will help promote you and your website to other new friends.

Is this what you want?
Do you want to know where to find the help you want?
Do want help from somebody who knows the pain you feel?
Do you want help in words you understand?
Do you want a friend there who you can turn to?

If so…

Go now, to

This month’s Internet Marketing Review contains…
  1. “Ten Tips For Great Content Creation That Search Engines Love!”
  2. “Screen casting” - Which shows you how video can help you widen your customer appeal
  3. “Negative Keywords” - What they are and how to use them
  4. “Windows Print” - How to keep visitors that you would normally lose after a few seconds
  5. “Not Just a Website… But a Business!” - How to change your mindset to treat your website as a profit centre for success
  6. “Creating Your Online Business”

Wait, there’s more… this month’s edition shows you a new web tool that will index your website by Google.

And, there’s still more… each month the 2 Neils include a CD that they normally sell at £19.95... This month it is “Using Copywriting to Build Your Business and Income - Interview with Nick Wrathall”

The bonus CD alone gives you access to secrets of copywriting from a top UK copywriter… worth more than a years subscription.

I’ve listened to the interview and agree with the statement…

“If you can write your own successful sales copy your business success is set for life”
On the CD Neil Stafford asks Nick about 3 of the 10 important copywriting elements contained in his training course “The Complete Guide To Copywriting” …
  • Headlines
  • Testimonials
  • Order Forms

Nick adds that you must give an “Irresistible Offer”

Ask for Nick Wrathall’s “The Complete Guide To Copywriting” course when you subscribe at… its on special offer.

Neil Stafford and Neil Travers use this course to improve their own sales copy… a fair recommendation. Hint… I know that I’ll be checking out the secrets of Section 7 (as mentioned by Neil Stafford).

See you soon


Saturday, May 26, 2007

“The Information Marketing Master Class… Was Fun!”

Its sometimes surprising that a light-hearted, off-hand comment can have so much power. I think that it was Neil Stafford who said…

“Spend half an hour a day and you will build a successful website… better still an hour”

Okay, these may not be the exact words but the message is clear “You must be prepared to spend time to move forward”. An hour a day will get things done, although 30 minutes will go a long way…

Reasonably, you will be working hard during your ordinary day.

  • There’s your ‘8 hour day’ at work.
  • There’s the housework and your many other commitments.
  • Most importantly there’s the family. Kids to collect from school. Shopping for food and clothes.
  • The house needs cleaning.

And, as I write the cat needs to be taken to the vet (nothing serious - only flea prevention treatment).

You’ll already have a full day with tiredness and sleep welcoming you at the end…

“Oh! It is too late in the day. I can‘t…”

It’s here where it is difficult to find the time and energy. There’s so much else to do.

Where’s the fun? It seems a lot to ask.

“The Information Marketing Master Class” was fun

The 2 Neils clearly have fun… they enjoy what they do… they enjoy their work… they know where to find their enjoyment and can afford the time. They have discovered the secrets that you and I are looking for.

Somehow, time has to be found. You know you will enjoy the benefits you will gain. So what’s stopping you?

Yes, it is hard when you know that all that is left is determination. Only your determination will make the difference.

Neil Stafford and Neil Travers demonstrate what determination can result in… they have succeeded in creating their dream lives.

Determination, along with an open mind and a clear and simple route map is all you need. A clear route map is what I found “The Information Marketing Master Class” provides. It gives a one step, two steps, three steps… path to follow. The key is to strictly follow this guide…

There were 18 invited guests, each given exactly the same tools. Each of us has exactly the same opportunity to open the doors. More importantly, each has been given a key to each of the doors… the Neil’s give you the correct key for every door you need to open.

It is our choice whether we take advantages given. To succeed with the internet we must be receptive to ideas and methods. I am confident we have every chance to achieve. With the final bonus, we can be sure that Neil Stafford and Neil Travers will be there to help us on our way… incredible generosity.

As a brief summary, the two Neils have given us…

  1. How to find niches that give profit, using free tools from Yahoo, Google and other sites.
  2. Low cost advertising secrets using proper Adsense strategies that ensure you won’t lose all your cash, alongside articles and press releases.
  3. Methods to increase profits by building upon basic products by re-bundling and repackaging.
  4. How audio can bring you closer to your customer.
  5. How video techniques bring you and your products to life.

Although I tried to keep an open mind before the course began, I did have an agenda… my main interest was to learn the secrets of selling and marketing. It’s a vast topic that is difficult to cover in just 2 days. I think you’ll agree the brief list above shows…

“The Information Marketing Master Class” goes a long way towards providing the instruments of successful marketing…

“The rest is up to you”

I knew that there was a whole lot more to learn about website design, operation and management. I knew that there were mountains to learn about advertisement and copyrighting. I also knew that there were person skills that must be learned.

For anyone interested in internet success and wanting to earn money online…

It is certain that Neil Stafford and Neil Travers are prime examples to follow as models for any average person to follow. They guide by example with smiles on their faces, along with natural enthusiasm and fun.

Unlike some, they aren’t greedy.

Unlike some they do offer incredible value.

Now, as with the other future entrepreneurs of the group I must take the wise step forward beginning with…


See you soon


p.s. I mustn’t forget to include thanks to Karen Stafford for her help in making the weekend a great experience. Her background support for the 2 Neils was a boon.

p.p.s. Make the time for your internet success… and bring on the fun!

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Information Marketing Master Class

Hi, it’s Monday evening, after another busy day, as I write the foreword to this posting. I want to tell you what I’ve been doing over a special weekend.

I met two guys who have made a great change for me. They are known in the UK as the ‘2 Neils’, who invited a small and varied group of people to The Information Marketing Master Class.

What every one who was there wanted was a simple and structured path to discover the riches locked deep inside the world of internet marketing. Many had attended high costs seminars held by the top internet entrepreneurs but found that they left without the key to unlock the treasure chest… They had received high value products… but afterwards they were left alone in a desert of confusion.

Like most of us they had spent $1000’s, yet they were no further forward… they were left with no support.

I’ll be brief so that you can read what I wrote immediately after the first day…

"May 19th, 6.45pm

I’m sat here in the hotel room at the end of the first day of The Information Marketing Master Class.

This is a training course devised and hosted by Neil Travers and Neil Stafford, aimed at helping everyday people empower their lives through internet marketing.

I can tell you that I am impressed…

They have arranged excellent facilities at the Thistle hotel at Haydock, close to Haydock Race Course.

They have been courteous throughout, from the introduction on Friday evening to include a complementary evening meal at a local Italian restaurant.

With good humor, they have presented the basics that anyone interested in starting an online e-business needs to know. The group of 18 have mixed levels of internet expertise.

The 2 Neils keep it simple and easy to understand for those who are starting from zero, whilst they give someone who knows something of the technicalities plenty of tools to boost flagging morale.

What I like is that they don’t patronize. They freely include knowledge from the attendees, building upon and reinforcing the group confidence levels. Much of what they are saying isn’t new but it is presented in a structured format… offering a template that can be easily followed.

For the first day, the emphasis is research. Research about finding and choosing niches that offer realistic opportunity before a single penny is spent… a most sensible approach.

Time is spent investigating the best ways to rapidly locate likely markets with various free online tools that help you drive down into subject interests that have proven interest.

While some of the subject cateories show maximum levels of interest they don't offer you profits. Here, you are shown how to find positions in the market that you can dominate. They show you where to look for subject focus that is too small for the big players but plenty big enough to provide you with good profit.

I took plenty of time thinking before I signed up for the course (getting the final place) and feel every bit as confident that day 2 will build upon what has been gained from today.

Must go now… it is time to get ready for the evening’s meal… and networking with other like-minded friends."

I’ll save the 2nd day’s impressions for the next post… needless to say that the promise was amply met.

See you soon


p.s. Thanks to the 2 Neils and Karen for a great weekend full of information, knowledge, good humor, patience and true generosity… the accommodation was good, food great and bonuses that are most appreciated.

p.p.s. A significant bonus was sharing hopes and aspirations in the warm company of other new friends… great fun.

p.p.s. The 2 Neils give confidence that when support is needed and asked for… they will be the first to offer.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Shout and Get Attention… But Don’t Bully!"

So, your website is ready. It looks good. It has great content and you want to alert the whole world… It’s time to launch. You want to shout from the rooftops… You want as many customers as quickly as you can.

What you are going to hear me say will confuse you…

I don’t like pressure selling. It doesn’t matter if it’s your website, a market trader or store sales assistant… If you try it on me… I’ll turn and walk away.

Don’t you hate it?

A store salesperson stands in front of you and shouts “You will buy this…” (OR ELSE?)
Wouldn’t you walk away? You’d be thinking “In your dreams… Get lost! LOSER!”

Why wouldn’t you walk away? You can surely find another store selling the same stuff.

Is there really a threat? Is there a consequence of not buying from them?
  • Do you want to feel bullied?
  • Do you want to be threatened?
  • Do you want to be ordered around?


You are independent minded. You have intellect. You have commonsense. You are free thinking…

You and I are intelligent people. Why would we want to be abused? What stupidity!

Why would anybody want to use bully-boy tactics to sell?

Yet, in much of our lives, we accept it. Our bosses threaten. Governments and Authorities threaten and demand. Corporations manipulate. We are told what to do all the time…

“And they call it freedom”

I could be wrong but I think…

“You aren’t like this… You don’t need it… You are better than this”

There is a fine line between being persuasive and rude. There is a fine line between sharing a joke with someone and being nasty at their expense.

What is it all about?… PERSUASION!

There is a world of difference between success and failure… a poor salesman might know all the selling tricks… A great salesperson knows about real sales success.

A great seller knows how you tick and tries to make you smile and feel good about yourself…

A master copywriter makes you feel like an equal… there is no doubt that…
  • You feel good about yourself
  • You like what you hear about the offer
  • You are sure the product is great
  • You are certain that you want it

So, by all means, SHOUT to get ATTENTION but persuade quietly, with care and consideration, showing your command with knowledge and skill. Most of all be confident that, by freely sharing your generosity along with good humor, wit and wisdom you can depend upon steadfast friends and honest, reliable return customers…

Something I didn’t fully understand years ago with my Art business... I knew nothing about selling or sales. There is a world of knowledge to gain.

The most incredible thing that I have learned from my website experience is that more you share the greater you know it will be returned…

This is why, in an early blog How Relevant Is Your Website? I linked to Dawud Miracle’s article Is Your Site Relevant? His self-confidence and generosity makes me certain that I shall return. When I ask for his help, I know that I’ll be talking with a true expert. I know that gives me the right sense of value…

Dawud’s kindness shows through… reflects his personality. I feel good about what he has to say… I want to know more.

Also, there’s Joe Vitale. I introduced him in More About How To Make Yourself Feel Good About Yourself... It’s Easy . Here’s a man who has cost me dearly in time and money… A cost I am happy to pay.

He advertises that he is a top Copywriter… and I believe him.

Here’s a man who has given me so much in a short space of time. This is a man who writes words that make me feel good about myself. This is a man whose words I want to read… I don’t need to see his smiling face to know he has earned happiness.

From him I have learned that I can afford to share freely with you what I find. Joe Vitale shares with you the sources of his knowledge and comfort… he freely gives you names of people who have influenced him… he tells you the book titles so that you can find out for yourself. You can find him at…

Don’t you want your strengths and personality to show through your own successful website?

Don’t you want to share your enthusiasm and expert knowledge with people around the world who share your interests?

Dawud Miracle and Joe Vitale are two men who have convinced me that I want to listen and return to their websites.

What is stopping you from doing the same? “You could be pleasantly surprised when you do!”
Know this… You will be disappointed if you don’t do.

See you soon


Sunday, May 6, 2007

“More About How To Make Yourself Feel Good About Yourself… It’s Easy!”

Right, no messing, I shall introduce the person whose important writings have kick started my new outlook…

Joe Vitale

He, along with a few others I shall introduce to you in time, talks quietly and confidently about how to feel good about yourself. At the same time he shows you how to sell yourself. He uses simple straight forward language to tell you everything you need to know about yourself.

As promised, here is a man who has found a way into my head and heart. His writing has spell binding quality. It has influence. It has power and it has…


And, best of all Joe Vitale’s writing pulses with warmth and generosity…

It is uplifting, heartwarming and comforting.

There is none of the mean-spirited ramblings of others whose envy and despise corrode and erode. There are no words that bring you down or make you feel small…

You and I want to hear talk that makes you feel good... Words that give sunshine to your day… words that make you expand… words that open the universe wide.

Joe Vitale writes words that GIVE.

And, Boy does he give… it is his whole reason…

And it is his reason for SUCCESS.

From the giving of his knowledge and sharing his expertise he has found himself a wealthy man… a fortunate man of influence and treasures…

He is a man who attracts more of what he gives out.

Joe Vitale’s mantra and faith lie in the principle of GIVING.

He freely gives away what you and I might want and treasure. He gives away what you and I would pay $100’s for. He gives away the sources of the information that costs $1000’s…

And, in return, he gets what he wants in greater supply than he gives.

Isn’t that an incredibly lucky man? Wouldn’t you want some of that?

Or, like you, is it the wisdom of accepting your talents, knowledge and skills… and then sharing them freely and without reserve… without expectation of reward?

With that in mind, I’ll share this thought with you…

“If there is one thing I envy about Joe Vitale, it is his unfailing FAITH”

But, if there is only one thing I have learned from Joe it is that “You and I can share that FAITH in ourselves that we can make our own success” (Of course, there’s a whole lot more…)

Powerful stuff… Profound! Well worth every penny you’ll spend.

Don’t you want to hear your website visitors say the same about you?

Joe Vitale is the author of too many books to mention. Don’t just listen to me… Find out more at

Go on… discover a great website.

See you soon


Sunday, April 22, 2007

How To Make Yourself Feel Good About Yourself… Its Easy.


In a moment I am going to tell you something important. You are going to learn something you can not afford to miss.

This will surprise you. Read on… You will understand the importance to your success… You will understand how you will create a successful website.

“I have just finished reading one of the most important books I have ever read in my life…”

How do I know that it is important?

“I know it is important because the author told me so”

And he has convinced me that he is RIGHT.

If I am not mistaken you’ll be sat there thinking… Rubbish. You could be screaming at me… You are a fool!

If so, I accept the accusations… No argument. Just read on.

So, how do I know he is right?

I know because he is one of the most influential writers in the world… the book is an Amazon best seller.

He is a successful salesmen and he knows what he needs to say…

“I am happy to pay”

I am happy to buy anything he writes. Why? Because I found someone who was directly to me...

  • He writes to me about what is important to me.
  • He talks about what interests me.
  • He talks about what will make my life better.
  • He makes me feel good.

I can fully recommend his work… you can learn from the power in his words.

This guy doesn’t mess about… He doesn’t hold back… He tells you straight…

  • How to make yourself feel good about yourself… its easy.
  • How to make other people feel good… tell them what they want to hear.
  • How to get what you want… help others get what they want.
  • How you can make yourself successful… continue to give others what they want.
  • How to make yourself happy… keep on giving.

In this incredible book the writer has told me everything I need to know to make my life better… I want to listen… I want to learn… I want to hear more.

It doesn’t matter what you say to me… you can’t really hurt me with a hurtful version of truth.

The reason is that I have been hurt enough already… I choose not to listen anymore.

  • Like you… I want to listen to good news.
  • Like yourself… I want to hear happy stories.
  • Like you… I want to be happy.

You’ll agree… “This is truly important”

Do you want to know more…? I gladly tell you…

See you soon


p.s. Read through this post again and you’ll see what your successful website needs.

p.p.s. Read through the latest posts and you’ll understand what you can do for your website’s success.

p.p.p.s. In the next post I’ll introduce you to my new friend and share with you what I have learned.

Monday, April 16, 2007

"Amazing Star Of Your Own Website - Is That You?"

Hey! It’s easy to be the star of your own website… Surely, its obvious…

There is only YOU.

“Its your website”

Its your own website…
  • Created by you
  • Written by you
  • Subject chosen by you
  • About what interests you
  • About what inspires you
  • About what you want to do

Yes, its your website.

Look! You’ve just read "Will you meet your star?" It tells about a young talented artist who meets an English Princess… face to face.

Its your website…

“Whatever you want to do with it is up to you”

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says about it. It doesn’t matter what suggestion you get to improve it… it is your website.

If you want to ignore proven recommendations… it is your choice.

All decisions are made by you…
  • You are the Star…
  • You are the King or Queen.
  • You are Emperor.
  • You are Prince or Princess.
  • You are Duke and Duchess

You are who you want to be in the world of your own website…
  • You can be President
  • You can be Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • You can be Director

There is only one person to make the choice… YOU!

You know that you can easily and quickly create a simple website using word processor skills… at small cost.

You can produce your own blog site… for FREE.

You can build a website FREE.

(Look back at my earlier blog postings to find more)

You read Your Website Needs Star - And That Star is YOU! ...

I am confident that you are exactly the person for the job…
  • I know you are an expert
  • I know you know your subject
  • I know you have truth
  • I know you have passion

I know that…

“You are the STAR!”

I want to know more… Let me hear more.

See you soon

Mike Dale

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Will you meet your star?

Reckon So!

“Why not?”

Truth is… you don’t have to meet your favorite personality.

The great thing, in this day and age, is that you can get very close to personalities and stars from all walks of life… so close that you can know everything you want to know.

Film stars, Television personalities, dancers, singers, rock-groups, politicians, sportsmen… you’ll find a fan website or support website.

“You can get so close…”

If you are a football fan… there’s a website. Any sport you can think of has a website, telling you about the professionals, what they are doing and where they are playing.

If you’re an ambitious amateur you’ll find websites showing you how to improve your game. You’ll find coaches to train you… you’ll find places to play. You can find out who the professionals use… and ask them how to better your game.

Yet, for you, seeing your hero on a website isn’t enough…
  • You want to stand in front of them and shake their hand.
  • You want to talk with them face to face.
  • You want to share the air they breath.

If you don’t believe it can happen you are wrong.

“If you are serious enough you will meet any star you want to meet”

You don’t believe me?

If you are sitting reading this and saying “I’ll never get to meet anyone famous…”

This story will change your mind…

Many years ago a talented artist decided to paint a painting to help raise money for Save The Children, a charity that tries to support children around the world. Princess Anne, the Queen of England’s daughter, was the patron… about as important a lady in the world as you can get.

Guess what… that young artist presented the finished painting to Princess Anne… exactly as he had planned.

Michael Dale, the artist, met and spoke with one of the most important and influential people in the world, surrounded by hundreds of people… because he wanted badly enough.

Do you know... Mike Dale, the writer, will meet his heroes.

You have the confidence of your own talents…
  • You know what you can do well.
  • You know what you can do best.
  • You are an expert.

You know how to make things happen… Meet your favorite star… and best of all…

“Stand there as an equal”

See you soon

Mike Dale

Monday, March 26, 2007

Your website needs a star… and that star is YOU!

This posting has taken a while to prepare. Why? Simply, because a website is technically pretty easy to create but immensely difficult to make interesting.

How do you make your website interesting? It’s important.

Think about this… You want to create your own successful website about something that interests you. It could be a website concentrating on your hobby or pastime. It could be a site that promotes your beliefs. The focus of your website could be a famous or influential person.

All this is reasonable for you but will it interest anyone else (Yes, I do ask this question all the time)

Maybe the website has wonderful facts and information that could be incredibly valuable to hundreds and thousands of people. Who knows, this might be enough to succeed.

What is evident is that any website you see on the internet is conceived, created and run by somebody… somebody with thoughts and ideas… and the enthusiasm and desire to share.

Whatever your website is about the main interest must be YOU…

Now, imagine, it’s been a long hard day’s work. You know that you are tired and your body is telling you to relax. But, you have been invited to a movie premier. You were invited months ago.

Today is the day and you’ve waited a long time to see the featured film.

Inside you are excited but your energy levels are low. You feel worn out, you have been working so hard but… there’s no way you are going to miss the night of a lifetime because you know that…

Your favorite star is going to be there… he is the hero of the film.

Hmm! I wonder who might be your hero.

A whole lot of people are depending upon your work… there’s so much to do… and there’s so little time.

Can you afford the time to go?

Yes! There is nothing on earth going to stop you. You know you will be there!

And there’s something else driving you… You want to meet your hero, personally. You want to hold his hand. You want to say “Hi!” and tell him how great you think he is. And you want to let him know how wonderful his performance in the film was.

Will you meet your star?

There’s more… you want to tell him what he means to you and how he has changed your life. You want let him know the film roles you liked best. You want to praise the qualities he brought out, along with the strengths and human frailties.

Of course, you know there’s so much more you’ll want to say. You want to make intimate contact with and personally communicate…

This is a love affair… is it a one-sided love affair?

What can you do to get close to your film star? Or, are you going to stand in the background, content to catch a glimpse as they walk past, each footstep silenced by the red carpet.

What is your choice? Is there a choice?

Who cares? Obviously, you care… but you know that your favorite star hasn’t heard of you.

How could they? At best, you are just another face in the crowd… an unknown!

But, you are not a complete unknown. You have family. You have friends. At work, you have colleagues and associates.

You are loved and respected. You are admired and worshipped…
  • Aren’t you worth it?
  • Aren’t you worthy?
  • Aren’t you a star?

Know this… With your own website YOU ARE THE STAR… your website needs you to be the star.

See you soon


Sunday, March 18, 2007

First Step To Writing Your Successful Web Page For Your Website

Okay, I’ve spent the last 4 posts talking about web hosting for your website. Have I said all there is to say? No, there’s far more to say…

The same applies to your writing. It is going to take more than 1 article to tell you what you need to know. If you think you are being shortchanged consider this…
  • There’s far more to know about the technicalities of web page design than I know.
  • There is too much to learn about HTML script than I want to know.
  • The coding behind PEARL, ASP and PHP baffles me beyond reason.

The truth is that I don’t want to know about the in depth working of computer programming, computer systems or how the computer works… it just doesn’t interest me. It is a foreign language that is far beyond my capacities to learn. And, before you try preaching to me that I must learn… don’t waste your time because…

There is no way I’m going to waste my time when there are experts out there in the world that already do it for you. There are thousands of computer experts and programmers around the world.

I’ve just watched a video of a Gary Halbert seminar (his free newsletter website is a fantastic resource) and was struck by the sense of what he said…

“Don’t worry about the things like “Where do I get this done… and who do I ask to do it?”… Concentrate upon your sales message”

Sounds pretty good advice to me… it doesn’t what your subject is, whatever ideas you are trying to present… you are going to have to sell them to your visitor. So, why not concentrate your efforts on what is important to you?

I don’t know about you but I’ll concentrate on trying to find and work with the word tools that will WIN.

Yes, there’s no disputing that you do need to know the simple HTML stuff. By this, I mean the kind of visible coding you see behind every web page when you click the ‘View’ & ‘Source’ buttons in the web browser.

Also, it does help to know a little about how to make your web pages work more efficiently so that your visitors can find them and access them.

If you want or need anything more learn let Louis Alport’s training videos give you all you need to know at

Why am I saying what I’ve just said?

Because, even a numbskull like me can see that it isn’t how the website is made that will sell your ideas and products…
  • Your words sell
  • What you have to say sells
  • How you interest your website visitors sells

As a designer and semi-professional Fine Artist, I am used to working with the principle of “A picture says a 1000 words”… RUBBISH.

If it were true, then answer me this…

“Why are there so many experts saying so much about the Old Master’s paintings?”

It doesn’t matter who the artist was. It could be Picasso or Dali. It could be Rembrandt or Van Gogh… it doesn’t matter.

There have been more words spoken and written about art than you could imagine. Here’s the truth about pictures…

“A single picture without an explanation asks nothing but questions”

And, for your website…

“A picture without words to explain what it is about makes the picture useless…”

It has to be made relevant with your words. It has to become part of the story you are telling.

For example, I used various pictures throughout . Has a single picture convinced you to buy?

Is your answer “NO!”

Yet, when I ask a similar question…

“Have the words convinced you to buy?”

Your answer might just be “YES!”

Now we are getting somewhere…
  • Have I managed to interest you?
  • Have I opened a wound and made you feel the pain of not knowing how…?
  • Have I teased you?
  • Have I tormented and hurt you?
  • Have I offered you the sight of a solution to your problems?
  • Have I offered you the promise that you can solve your problems with the help I am offering to give you?
  • Are you persuaded that I am worth you taking a chance with?
  • Have I shown you that you can afford to take a risk?

Only you can truly answer these questions. When I have been successful, you will buy and it will show with a long order list. If you aren’t convinced and you aren’t emotionally committed then I’ll have to try again… it’s as simple as that… WIN or LOSE.

Is there more? Of course there’s more… don‘t doubt it, the help you need is on its way…

See you soon


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Where do I host my website… and how much does it cost? Part 4

This is where it gets serious…
  • You have your ideas for your website.
  • You know what you want to share.
  • You have decided what you want to say.
  • You have planned the website content and layout.
  • You have written out your webpage sales letter, personal detail page, order page, and etc.

And, rather than use limited free resources, you are going to pay for professional quality web hosting…

If you’re in any doubt about yourself or the website you want to create consider this question…

“Are You A Professional?”

To be fair I took this question from the newsletter Internet Marketing Review, by Neil Stafford and Neil Trafford…

Consider this “Do you want someone else advertising what they want on your website?”


No more patronizing questions. I said that I would tell you where I hosted

Out of the millions of different web host advertisements I decided upon


The simple answer was that they offer a range of hosting options that start low (with low costs) but can be expanded to full business hosting. Even if your website idea flops it doesn’t have to cost the earth to try.

You don’t need to be told about exactly what they offer. It’s just that they provide you with a massive range of add-ons.

Have I used all of their extras?

No, you don’t think I’m that clever do you… I wanted to show how a simple website was easily creatable using simple word processor type tools that you would be already familiar with. I wanted you to see that you can easily learn all you need to take control and keep it.

However, when the hard work has already been done for you why take the hard options. When you are comfortable with the meanings of PHP, PERL, ASP and the rest, you can look for the free programs that are available.

You don’t have to spend massive amounts on web hosting to begin with. Just take a leap of faith in what you want to do… and “Do it! It‘s almost risk free”

Yes, of course you’ll get things wrong and make mistakes… Goodness, I’m making a fair few mistakes now but I’ve started now and the mistakes I’ve been making are giving me new ideas that I can use later.

That’s enough about web hosting for now. It’s time to think about what to write. Your website needs to use words. So, what words should you use…?

See you soon


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where do I host my website… and how much does it cost? Part 3

In many ways this is an extra part that came about because of an error in my last posting. However, it is an unexpected bonus...

Remember, in Part 2, I told you about my artist friend, Peter Woolley, who managed his art website using free web hosting? Well, this was old news and here I offer him apologies for the errors and mistakes (I should have checked before printing).

However, when he started, he did use free hosting from Virgin (not Yahoo, as previously stated) for his early website but as the website grew he found that he needed more. I think Peter’s words explain far better…

“Unfortunately, I have to tell you that some of your facts are wrong - I haven't hosted my website on the free web space for a very long time - I did initially, of course, but as the site grew, I had to change to a virtual web-space package hosted by

So, I’m pleased to hear that Peter’s art website grew way beyond the facilities that free hosting could give. The ‘free’ lessons he learned along the way contribute to the strength of … Go on, take a look (if you are interested in watercolor painting… I can confidently say, “He is a master“)

Peter goes on to say…

“Actually, I have two web-spaces… to accommodate both my regular site and the online workshop pages I provide for registered visitors”

Because Virgin only provides 50MB of free space, Peter’s successful website needs far outstrip the free web hosting facilities. Apparently, 500MB of web space is closer to what he now needs…

This is 10 times what he started with.

Of course, if you never want your site to grow beyond 50 MB then follow the free web hosting. Alternatively, you could take Peter’s lead and look at (I haven’t heard of them before, so I can’t give you my thoughts)

What Peter Woolley’s experience shows is that it isn’t difficult to make your website grow beyond what you are given with free web hosting. And, now that the costs of commercial, professional web hosting are so low… you can afford to start with a basic home web-hosting package.

More about that in Part 4...

See you soon


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Where do I host my website… and how much does it cost? Part 2

Okay, you want something more than a blog.

Fine… that’s great.

So, where are you going to go to get a web host?

Well, there are plenty of places on the internet where you can get free website hosting. I have an artist friend who has used nothing other than the free space that comes with his ISP (Internet Service Provider).

He has his own unique domain name and is more than happy selling his watercolor artwork, books and painting courses with his active, dynamic and successful website.

As I recall he used the free web space that comes with his Yahoo account.

Another way to get free web hosting is to use a group hosting. Here, you are just one of many other people using a single website host. “How To Design Your First Website” uses exactly this kind of hosting with ‘Blogger’ at

As I’ve said before ‘Blogger’ is great. It is well managed by Google. It is well designed and featured. It has almost everything you could want. It has only one fault. Just look at the path name…

Blogs created with Blogger have ‘’ in their address.

Do you want your main website to have somebody else’s name in your web address?

I’m comfortable with this for “How To Design Your First Website” because I don’t want to use it for direct selling.

Also, I’m relaxed about having the website provider identity in the address because I have another domain http://www.your-first-website/… this is a unique domain name that no one else can use it… while it is registered to me.

I use each of the 2 websites alongside each other. Each website has its own individuality.

Each website could easily stand alone. It was a deliberate decision to introduce a blog that could happily run with my serious website.

It is your choice what you want from your website. Largely the subject will dictate the format. How you want to involve your website visitors will also influence what your website will need.

Best still… look at other websites that cover your subject and analyze them, break them down and simplify. When you know what you want to do for your own website you will easily cope with the webpage features you choose.

However, I still recommend that you learn starting your own free blog to get the feel with how to set up a basic but expandable single webpage website…

But, that is your choice.

In the next post, I shall tell you where http://www.your-first-website/ is hosted.

See you soon


Saturday, March 3, 2007

Where do I host my website… and how much does it cost? Part 1

Here, I am going to be blunt… “I don’t know where you should host your website”

Why? “Because I haven’t a clue about who you are or what your website is about”

“What’s more is that I don’t know what you want from your website”

Sorry about the bluntness… but it is a fact that cannot be denied.

Okay, understanding that you are starting from the complete unknown, let’s get a little more focused about what is available. First, you need to quickly ask yourself some questions…

Do you want to create a website that is purely about yourself?
Do you want to create a web site about subjects that interest you… like art, sport, health?
Do you want to sell something?

If so, I can’t really recommend you do anything more than get a web log started… IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT… START YOUR OWN BLOG!

I you’ve read my earlier postings you will already know that I am a fan of ‘blogging’. I’ve only recently found the freedom that it gives you…

You can talk about what you like whenever you like. And, providing you aren’t criminal or abusive in what you say and are careful about how you say it… YOU CAN SAY WHAT YOU LIKE!

What you can’t do… is SELL. (Well, not directly)

As a follower of “How To Design Your First Website” you will also know that it was created and hosted with ‘Blogger’ at … it cost nothing… it was FREE.

What better opportunity can you ask for?

You want to talk about yourself and what is happening in your life… You’ve got it!
You want to share your thoughts and interests about subjects that you are excited about… You can do it!

And, if you are careful…

You can, indirectly, sell stuff by letting people share your knowledge about the benefits of what you market… what to use… how to use… where to use… and how often…

I enjoy writing a web log. What I like about a blog is… “It is friendly” You are talking to like-minded friends about things that interest you… you have the chance to talk with many friends who share your interests… and share what you know.

“Can you ask for more?”

What are you waiting for? It is easy to set up a Blogger account. Within an hour you really could have the bones of your first website and be fleshing it out with your enthusiasm, energy and ideas in little more time than that.

See you soon,


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Even More on… How Can I Use The Free Website Template?

Find your own copy of the free webpage at: -

With article Developing The Grid That Supports Your Design by Emanuel Blagonic you are given an introduction into how you can extend the simple template into a more advanced webpage format.

‘How To Design Your First Website’ doesn’t try to bamboozle you so, as usual, I won’t try to tell you how to do something when there is an expert who can tell you better. Go on, take a look at Emanuel’s article.

What you might find confusing (or as likely you won’t) is some of the terms Emanuel uses…

You’ll notice that he refers to numbers with ‘px’… All this means is ‘pixels’.

This means that where I suggested using a frame of 600 pixels width for an A4 letter size, Emanuel uses frames and cells that have their widths controlled by pixels (i.e. 40 pixels width)

What you might find useful is to split a frame into 2 or more cells. The advantage of this allows you to provide spaces for text and images, side by side.

Of course, depending upon your needs, with your imagination anything is possible.

The main advantage is that, without having to resort to more advanced programming techniques, you can simply maintain an advanced looking web page template.

However you decide to build your website, Emanuel’s article Developing The Grid That Supports Your Design is an important webpage design guide.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

More On… How Can I Use The Free Website Template?

You can get your own copy of the free webpage at: -

In my last post I showed you how to use a simple web page based on the “Your Free Web Page Template”.

Hopefully, you have had some fun creating your own webpage using the template.
More importantly, you will appreciate that you can do plenty with the most basic of webpage layouts possible… a ‘letter’ format.

What the article didn’t tell you about was the way that the template web page layout was managed using tables. It is really easy to do…

Open Mozilla Composer. Keep the blank page and rename it as your test page. Click the ‘Table’ icon and you’ll see a new ‘Insert Table’ window. It will automatically be set to 2 Rows, 2 Columns and 100% of the window.

Because people sometimes prefer to print a webpage to read offline, you’ll find the template is based on a single table set 600 pixels. This controls the overall width so that the webpage will print to an A4 page.

Also, so your website visitor has no problems viewing, the table is positioned centrally.

The settings you need are on your test page are…

1 Row, 1 Column and 600 pixels width

If you want to have a border you can leave the setting at ‘1’ or you can increase it to whatever size you want. If you don’t want a border change the setting to ‘0’.

For the template I provided an additional 3 tables within the main table. This is as easy to do as it was for the first table…

Place your cursor inside the main table and press the return button a few times to increase the depth (I reckon 3 to 4 returns are plenty to begin with).

Next, place your cursor on the second line and open the ‘Insert Table’ icon again. This time change the number of rows to 3.

There you have it. You have created your own web page template just like your “Your Free Web Page Template”…

That was pretty simple, wasn’t it?

So, you’ve had no trouble so far but you fancy changing the webpage background color

This isn’t too complicated…

Find the ‘Format’ text icon and click ‘Page Colors and Background’…

Click on the ‘Background’ button and a color table will appear. Choose which color you want and accept with OK.

This will change the whole webpage color to the color you have chosen… GREAT.

The downside is that the table colors have changed too. Depending upon the background color you have chosen this could make the your text difficult to read. This may not be a problem if there’s plenty of contrast but if the colors are similar tone your words could be lost (Vincent Flanders gives an example of an unreadable website at Dailysucker

Without going into technicalities, the best contrast is black text on a white background, as provided with “Your Free Web Page Template”. This isn’t too hard to achieve with Composer…

Using the text ‘Table’ icon on the top line of Composer click ‘Table Properties’. Now, click the ’Background Color’ button and change the color to white.

You only have to do this for the first table you created. The tables that were placed inside will automatically change to white.

Finally, you will want to position your tables centrally

Once again, open ‘Table Properties’ and alter the ‘Table Alignment’ setting to center.

There you have it…

Your own working webpage template, easily and quickly created by none other than YOU.


Tables are a simple way of controlling the look and layout of your web pages. You’ll find an interesting article Developing The Grid That Supports Your Design by Emanuel Blagonic gives you more detail about how to develop a more advanced webpage layout.

For more examples of bad web design visit Vincent Flanders’ Web Pages That Suck

Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Can I Use The Free Website Template?

In my recent post I gave you a link for a free webpage template “Your Free Web Page Template”. To get your own copy you can find it at: -

But the real question that you were asking was…

“You’ve given me a free website template - What do I do with it? How can I use it?”
First you need to open Mozilla Composer. Then, find the ‘Window’ command and open ‘Composer’. You will get a blank page, just as you might expect.

Towards the bottom left of the page you will see 4 icons: ‘Normal’, ‘HTML Tags’, ‘HTML Source’ and ‘Preview’.

Try clicking on the ‘HTML Source’ and you will see the following text: -

meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"http-equiv="content-type"
title /title

This is the HTML code behind a blank web page (for clarity I've left the brackets off - don't forget to use the brackets as shown in Composer)

Now, open the FREE web page template and take a look at the differences between the HTML text of the blank page. Try to find the lines shown above and see where they lie.

You will see that (html) starts and (/html) closes the web page text.

Scan down a little and you’ll find (title)Your First Website Web Page Template(/title)
Your page title should be placed (or edited) between (title)(/title)

And, further down you will see (body)(/body)

This is where your text, pictures and precious links are placed.

Oh, yes. Before I forget, there is the line with (br). This is a line break.

Now, return to the ‘Normal’ page environment and try editing the large red text heading "How To Design Your First Successful Website In Less Than A Day From Scratch... Even If You've Never Created A Web Page Before..." (heading)

When you are satisfied with your own headline wording save your web page giving it a new file name that distinguishes it from the template. Next, view the results of your editing with ‘Preview’

What you will see is your own webpage that, with a few more text edit modifications, will be stamped with your own personal identity.

That wasn’t too difficult… was it?

“Why don’t you give it a try?”

It doesn’t seem like much, does it?

Well, it isn’t really all that complicated. And, there’s no urgency to make it more complicated.

So, although I have said that is rubbish, you will understand that it is also tremendously successful in its simplicity. In this respect I am more than happy with the result. All it is trying to be is a ‘no fuss’ letter to you, that invites you to take advantage of Louis Alport’s expert web design training video’s which show you how…

It is then your choice to act. When you are convinced by the message you will respond and buy.

“Tell me if you think it is successful in that aim”

Because, if the message doesn’t convince you… You will quickly walk away.

Also, if you’ve read my recent posts you’ll know that simplicity is the first route to your website’s functionality, reliability and manageability.

You can see how you can easily and quickly create a simple website of your own. You can afford to take some time planning what you want to say about your chosen subject. Also, knowing that it is no harder to write your message than it would be using any word processor, there is time to find your true website voice.

“Is there more?” Of course there’s more…

Yes, you will need more help and additional learning if you want to produce a more elaborate gadget driven website, when that is what you need. For now, you can be assured that you will be confident that you can choose to remain in control. With basic free tools like Mozilla Composer you know that you can create your own magic with your words.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Do You Need A Website But Have No Idea Where To Start?

Do you need a website but have no idea where to start?

And, do you have other questions like: -

  • My website isn’t very good - where can I get help?
  • My website looks okay - but why doesn’t it get any visitors?
  • I want to create a website - but it scares me?
  • Is there a way to make a simple website?
  • Where can I get help getting started with my new website?

All these kinds of questions are asked everyday and like you I keep asking myself how I can improve my website and the knowledge required to get it working like the best.

And like most people, the prospect scares me. If you feel intimidated then you aren’t alone.

Yesterday, I took a look at what Dawud Miracle’s website home page had to say. Guess what, he asks questions exactly like the questions you are asking.

What Dawud Miracle’s offers is answers. This is the reason I have added in the list of useful links.

And, when you visit why don’t you sign up for Dawud’s newsletter, Healthy Websites.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

How Relevant Is Your Website?

There is an awful lot Dawud has said in Dawud Miracle’s article Is Your Site Relevant? It is all so obvious when you have read it but each of the points identified go far beyond the old advice of 'meta tags' and etc.

Don’t you agree that it is a great thing that the internet isn't so easily fooled by silly webmaster tricks? Many of those tricks, supposed to rocket your website to 1st position in the search engines, are still touted and sold by out of date publishers selling out of date news.

The problem here is that you can't stand still, relying on redundant techniques. Surely a generous and honest site will give more and last longer. It will surely become stronger and successful if it becomes a trusted resource for your services and products.

“I don’t know what you think but I want truth… I want to be able to trust”

If there is any doubt that you can trust a website, you won’t go rushing back there, expecting to be ripped off, will you? There’s no way you want to feel the pain, is there?

The list of factors that Dawud gives in his article Is Your Site Relevant? is: -

  • Content
  • Freshen it up
  • Link it
  • Link up
  • Write Away
  • Blog it
  • Opt-in

I’m not going to give the game away here. Read Is Your Site Relevant? for yourself to find out more… and make your own mind up whether you choose to take his advice… I know that I certainly shall.

I've found that Dawud generally gives excellent advice... He certainly hasn't disappointed here.
The strategy given here is the intelligent, quality driven approach. There is the underlying honesty you’ll like and the truth factor you need is also there.

When you design your website like it will stand you in good stead for getting what both you and your website visitors want… interest and enjoyment… and success.

With “How To Design Your First Website” you'll already know that I am a slow learner. You could also say that I am only just getting to grips with website design…

“I agree with you”

What I am looking for is to find a number of experts who give as much as Dawud Miracle does with his website

When I find them… You shall be the first to know.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Use a Blog For Your First Website

I haven’t posted for a few days. Part of the reason for this is that I have been trying to get to grips with placing RSS Feeds to “How To Design Your First Website”. Thanks go to Dawud Miracle for his encouragement to do so (it was really easy but I made it far more difficult than it really was… but then it is okay to make mistakes)

The reason for writing today is to say out loud that starting a web log has been the easiest thing I’ve done. I can’t understand why I hadn’t figured it out before. It is far simpler than I imagined, with the online help available.

And, if you have taken the time to look, both Biana Babinsky’s and Dawud Miracle’s sites have a blog. Each of their sites has massive content rich elements that go far beyond a simple diary of thoughts but each site has the extra added interest that a blog gives…

“Direct contact with their website visitors”

Okay, you’ve realized that I know my website is rubbish compared with Biana’s. It is definitely light years behind the professional look of Dawud’s.

But, do you know…

“I am happy with the results so far”

Why am I happy with the results?

I’m happy because was targeted towards people who were new to thinking about creating their own first website. It wasn’t trying to be clever. It wasn’t trying to confuse people with fancy programming tricks. The aim was to try to make things simple and basic.

As a professional designer, I like to achieve simplicity. When I have achieved simplicity, I know that everything will work well.

It is one of the reasons I suggest sticking to the ‘minisite’ approach of a small compact website with as few gimmicks as possible. Keep to this and you can keep better control.

What you see with is what you can easily produce with Mozilla Composer. The draft for the web pages was mainly written using Microsoft Works Word Processor, as supplied with my computer. So, nothing fancy here and very little money spent.

The website is so very, very simple. You could easily produce and launch a simple website like this…

“I’ve given you a start with some free stuff already to get you started” (see earlier postings)

However, the only trouble is that this blog site “How To Design Your First Website” in many ways makes a far better website. It is far easier to build and manage than and it is far more fun.

Although I had been considering starting a blog for some time, with the main aim of promoting Your First Website I hadn‘t understood the additional benefits. It is so much easier to talk with a blog. Personally, I would much prefer to talk with you about “How To Design Your First Website” than try to sell you something you don’t want.

I hate pressure selling at the best of times and respond badly to anybody trying to force me into buying something I don’t want. Worst is when I would normally be interested in buying. If someone tries to force the issue, I will immediately lose interest and walk away.

I reckon most of the world is like this, with more sales lost through clumsy, ignorant salesmanship. The arrogance and stupidity of bad selling is a crime. It‘s like my dear old mother used to say…

“You can’t persuade with your fists. Try to talk instead”

This is why I like blogs. It’s why I like to see people blogging. This is where people can talk about what it is that interests them… GREAT!

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found Jonathan Street’s “Blog IT!” course. This course has been my first guide to setting up and starting “How To Design Your First Website”
Importantly, I fully support his recommendation of using Blogger. It makes it easy to create a dynamic blog site using their online design tools (which definitely impress me).

With limited web design skills, it is simple to create a blog… And it’s FREE.

Also, I’m impressed by using Blogger. Why don’t you take a look for yourself? They give you a quick tour to let you find out more and it is only a 3-stage process to get your blog started.

It’s your choice…

“I’m not saying don’t have a website but I am suggesting that you can learn from having your own blog site"

Whatever you do, try to create a dynamic interesting website that will be a joy to come back to rather than a boring static website that doesn’t have a chance to progress. You want your website to be enjoyed by plenty of visitors and you surely deserve a website that you enjoy creating and living with.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

“How do you link web pages?”

Hi! Here’s a more cheerful posting than the last one “Warning! Don’t create rubbish websites like these…”

Like all good things it will take time to find the correct pieces of the internet marketing jigsaw and put them together. Yesterday, I found something that I think could be really important. I’m sure you’ll agree but I need a few days to check it out before telling you about it…

"You don’t want to be given junk, do you?"

So, until then I’ll give you some more basics about designing your own successful website…

Here is another area where using a minisite website offers you great benefits. The fewer web pages your website has the easier it is to keep track of the links. Think about it for a second and you will realize that a 3 or 4 web page website doesn’t need a lot of links.

If a link fails from a web page it is easy to see where the problem is. Because there are so few web pages there source of the problem is easy to find.

Usually, the link breaks because there has been a spelling error, or a letter or number has been missed from the link path. It isn’t even unknown for the wrong page to be linked.

There are all manner of reasons a link can be broken but the main reason will be that the path hasn’t been identified correctly from the start. Below is an example of a link that I used in my website "How To Design Your First Successful Website In Less Than A Day From Scratch... Even If You've Never Created A Web Page Before..."…

I’m sure you’ve already used it to get your free web page template but you may not have realized that it contains information that allowed you to find it straight away without fuss.

Now, take another look at another version of the same link…

This leads directly to the same location as the first example but contains just a little more information. This is the true path for both of the text links above.

Let’s take a look at what you might be trying to do for your own website with 2 pages, index page (index.html) and sample page (sample.html).

Say you want to create a text link to your sample page from the index page it couldn’t be simpler.

Start Mozilla Composer and open your index page. Just type the line “To try a free sample just click the text link”

Now, highlight the part of the text that says “Here’s your free sample”. Look for the ‘Link’ icon that looks like part of a chain. Click this and you’ll see “Link Location” with a text box that you will fill with the location of your sample page. It will be something like…

Once you’ve filled in the link text box, click OK and you should have a link that will go directly to the internet location of your ‘sample’ webpage.

Note: you will notice that there is also ‘Choose File’ option that allows you to link to the sample page location on your own computer. This is great while it is only stored on your own computer but it is not going to work when the web pages are submitted to the internet.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

“Warning! Don’t create rubbish websites like these…”

“Life can be so disappointing…”

In a moment I’m going to run through a very short list of some of my recent disappoints. But, before you switch off and run away, let me tell you that they are minor and haven’t turned me into a moaning misery. Better still they can all be put right in time.

Anyhow, here goes the short list…
  • Yesterday morning I couldn’t post the blog I’d written on Friday.
  • I’ve given free sample copies of Louis Alport’s website creation videos to my friend and he hasn’t found time to watch them yet.
  • Neither nor receives any visitors yet.
  • Have I chosen the wrong subject to write about?
  • Is anyone remotely interested in what I have to say?

And… I have the housework to do… and the cat has decided that she wants attention.

The first response I expect from you all is… TOUGH! GET OVER IT!

Each and every disappointment listed is truly minor. The world won’t stop turning because of them and my life isn’t at risk.

Okay, I’m having a little grumble but I know I can easily sort out most of them pretty quickly. Those complaints that can’t be fixed quickly are problems that I am interested in finding long lasting solutions for. The major issues might take time to fix but I know that the fix will have brought me incredibly valuable knowledge.

So, let’s take another look at the list to see what can be done to solve the problems…

1. This was easy to sort - I posted the blog later on Saturday (No real problem here)

2. My friend’s life is full of other interests and responsibilities… when he is ready he will watch his complimentary videos that will help him to understand that creating a website for himself isn’t so difficult.

Why should I be disappointed? When he is ready… I will try to help (once again there’s no real problem… I can‘t force him to take an interest)

3. I didn’t really expect to have any visitors yet. This is mainly because I haven’t advertised either site. I haven’t taken any notice of any promotional advice.

In fact I have totally ignored the sense that Biana Babinsky gave with her post Stop Cold Calling! Here she said that “Online marketing is all about bringing your potential customers, who are already looking for what you have to offer, to your web site”

How can I ignore such good sense? How dumb can I get?

4. I could well have chosen to write about the wrong subject. “Why?”

The reason I don’t know if anyone is going to be interested is because I haven’t asked the question to anybody “Does the thought of creating your own website scare you?”

Are you beginning to see how stupid I’ve been?

5. “Is anyone remotely interested in what I have to say?”

Clearly, because I haven’t asked anyone any kind of questions relating to their website design interests I can’t get a sensible answer.

Now you know just how idiotic I am.


As I said at the beginning of this post, each of the 5 problems can be sorted out. The first issue wasn’t a problem at all. It was only a minor distraction.

The second problem isn’t my problem. Making a website isn’t even my friend’s problem until he wants to take a serious interest.

Obviously, what needs to be looked at is the fact that and aren’t working because I haven’t found out if anyone would want to know anything about them.

I’m not going to say anymore just now. You can find out more about how I will solve the last 3 problems in my next blogs. This is where the interesting bit starts. Great…

“There’s so much more to learn”

There is one thing I do know…

“I know that you aren’t so stupid as to make all of these kinds of mistakes… Are you?”

Saturday, February 10, 2007

“Make your website look as good as this…”

Unusually, it is Friday afternoon as I begin to write this post. It has been a full week of work, designing a London underground rail vehicle, that has left me with little time and energy. Like most people in the world we have great intentions to achieve but find life’s distractions get in the way.

When I look at the progress of this blog and precious website I realize that there is still that huge mountain to climb. I’m already tired and I’ve hardly started the long climb. I guess that, as with a mountain climb, you need to build into your plan the times your focus will be lost. When this happens, interest will drain away and all the ambitions will fade away.

Well, I can tell you this…

“I am serious about becoming successful”

What’s more…?

“There is so much I can learn on the way to achieving this success”

And, even better…

“I know that the things I learn about web page writing and website creation are exactly the same things you need to build your own successful web design”

At the moment I have a little time to spare, so I think it is time to take a closer look at Biana Babinsky's post Stop Cold Calling!

This is an article where Biana say’s…

“If you hate cold calling, you are not alone. Many business owners hate cold calling, but since for many business owners this is the only technique to drum up new business, business owners just keep using it”

She goes on to qualify this with…

“Online marketing is all about bringing your potential customers, who are already looking for what you have to offer, to your web site”

Hey, this is exactly what we all want to know, isn’t it? “How can I get as many customers to come to my website and spend their money on what I have to sell?”

“This is what I call success - I want to know more"

Now, strangely, I m not going to say any more about Biana’s article, other than … “Read Stop Cold Calling! for yourself” Biana is the expert… take a look at what she has to say.

Initially, I may not have been inspired in quite the same way that Dawud Miracle, of found. I think that this is partly because I am interested in the earliest stages leading to the design of a website, where the ideas are just beginning to take shape.

However, as a professional designer, what I am going to say is take a long hard look at her blog site, Internet Marketing for Solopreneurs By Biana.

I really like the layout of her site…

“What you will see is beautiful clean simplicity combined with easy on the eyes layout and functionality”

I also like the wide range of offers she manages to pack into a single page. There‘s a whole lot to see and you will easily find what you want whenever you want it…

“I think I could spend a lot of time finding a whole load of interesting stuff”

I want to get as much out of my blog site as Biana seems to have given with Internet Marketing for Solopreneurs By Biana. If this isn’t a successful website then I want to know why not.

Here’s an admission…

“I want and to look this good. In fact, I want all my websites to be this good”

Well! The rest is up to me.

You can find out more about Biana Babinsky and what you can learn from her about your website and business by visiting

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

“How many web pages do I need for my minisite web site?”

You know that life can be full of frustrations. Yesterday, I intended to add this post and my internet link was unusually busy. I couldn’t get a connection and it cost me at least 2 hours while I waited.

Still, a little spare time does allow you the chance take review what you are doing and gives you the chance to read and learn. I found that it gave me the opportunity to think about what more you might need.

Without doubt you have ambition to create a great website that contains hundreds of magnetic web pages that bring you adoring visitors and result in massive sales. But, as I’ve said before, you need to focus on the small detail of a single web page. By getting the basics right you start with a far better chance of success.

So, understanding the importance of a good start you will want to know how many pages you might need to keep your mini website small and manageable. I do hope the rest of this post will help you find an answer…

Now, if you haven’t found out where your FREE web page template is yet, don’t worry. You’ll be able to get your copy at

Remember, if you need greater in-depth understanding you could get the Louis Alport video demonstrations available from as a hand-led guide through the processes of website creation.

Otherwise, I hope you have been enjoying using your free web page template. See, it isn’t too difficult to construct your own front web page for your website…

“You have done well!”

All it amounts to is the use of plain language to interest and entertain your visitor while you give them information and you share some of your own knowledge.

It can’t be finer than that. Not all the fancy websites developed by the finest website designers in the entire world can come up with a better solution than a simply delivered message given by you.

Let’s face it…
  • Do they know what you know?
  • Do they know how you think?
  • Do they know what you can do?

Using simple plainly spoken words gives you an advantage when someone needs an answer to a problem that you can provide an answer for. Straight forward direction towards a solution is what people really want and expect.

Do you think you have achieved this with what will be your first main ‘index’ web page?
(The welcome/introduction/home page should be named ‘index.html’ or ‘index.htm’ - It is the first page that any search engine expects to find for a website)

Now, if you are going to keep to the idea of a minisite you only need to make an ‘order’ page and ‘fulfillment’ page. Of course, if you are offering free samples of a product then a ‘sample’ page is handy too. That amounts to only 3 or 4 web pages.

“Can you say what you want to say in 3 or 4 web pages?”

I know, it can be quite a challenge to bring everything together in just a few web pages but I’m sure you will find it worth it. I can prove it to you how badly a website can go against you if you let get out of control…

Just read my e-book "How To Use A Minisite To Design Your First Successful Website" and see if you want to ignore the warning.

To close this post, let’s talk a little about how you will create the rest of your web pages…

As with your home page, it is just a matter of adapting the web page template with your own version of text. If you are short of ideas, take a closer look at some of the other websites you see on the internet. There are plenty of sources for inspiration.

All I’ll repeat is “Try to keep it as simple as your home page”