Saturday, May 26, 2007

“The Information Marketing Master Class… Was Fun!”

Its sometimes surprising that a light-hearted, off-hand comment can have so much power. I think that it was Neil Stafford who said…

“Spend half an hour a day and you will build a successful website… better still an hour”

Okay, these may not be the exact words but the message is clear “You must be prepared to spend time to move forward”. An hour a day will get things done, although 30 minutes will go a long way…

Reasonably, you will be working hard during your ordinary day.

  • There’s your ‘8 hour day’ at work.
  • There’s the housework and your many other commitments.
  • Most importantly there’s the family. Kids to collect from school. Shopping for food and clothes.
  • The house needs cleaning.

And, as I write the cat needs to be taken to the vet (nothing serious - only flea prevention treatment).

You’ll already have a full day with tiredness and sleep welcoming you at the end…

“Oh! It is too late in the day. I can‘t…”

It’s here where it is difficult to find the time and energy. There’s so much else to do.

Where’s the fun? It seems a lot to ask.

“The Information Marketing Master Class” was fun

The 2 Neils clearly have fun… they enjoy what they do… they enjoy their work… they know where to find their enjoyment and can afford the time. They have discovered the secrets that you and I are looking for.

Somehow, time has to be found. You know you will enjoy the benefits you will gain. So what’s stopping you?

Yes, it is hard when you know that all that is left is determination. Only your determination will make the difference.

Neil Stafford and Neil Travers demonstrate what determination can result in… they have succeeded in creating their dream lives.

Determination, along with an open mind and a clear and simple route map is all you need. A clear route map is what I found “The Information Marketing Master Class” provides. It gives a one step, two steps, three steps… path to follow. The key is to strictly follow this guide…

There were 18 invited guests, each given exactly the same tools. Each of us has exactly the same opportunity to open the doors. More importantly, each has been given a key to each of the doors… the Neil’s give you the correct key for every door you need to open.

It is our choice whether we take advantages given. To succeed with the internet we must be receptive to ideas and methods. I am confident we have every chance to achieve. With the final bonus, we can be sure that Neil Stafford and Neil Travers will be there to help us on our way… incredible generosity.

As a brief summary, the two Neils have given us…

  1. How to find niches that give profit, using free tools from Yahoo, Google and other sites.
  2. Low cost advertising secrets using proper Adsense strategies that ensure you won’t lose all your cash, alongside articles and press releases.
  3. Methods to increase profits by building upon basic products by re-bundling and repackaging.
  4. How audio can bring you closer to your customer.
  5. How video techniques bring you and your products to life.

Although I tried to keep an open mind before the course began, I did have an agenda… my main interest was to learn the secrets of selling and marketing. It’s a vast topic that is difficult to cover in just 2 days. I think you’ll agree the brief list above shows…

“The Information Marketing Master Class” goes a long way towards providing the instruments of successful marketing…

“The rest is up to you”

I knew that there was a whole lot more to learn about website design, operation and management. I knew that there were mountains to learn about advertisement and copyrighting. I also knew that there were person skills that must be learned.

For anyone interested in internet success and wanting to earn money online…

It is certain that Neil Stafford and Neil Travers are prime examples to follow as models for any average person to follow. They guide by example with smiles on their faces, along with natural enthusiasm and fun.

Unlike some, they aren’t greedy.

Unlike some they do offer incredible value.

Now, as with the other future entrepreneurs of the group I must take the wise step forward beginning with…


See you soon


p.s. I mustn’t forget to include thanks to Karen Stafford for her help in making the weekend a great experience. Her background support for the 2 Neils was a boon.

p.p.s. Make the time for your internet success… and bring on the fun!

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