Sunday, April 22, 2007

How To Make Yourself Feel Good About Yourself… Its Easy.


In a moment I am going to tell you something important. You are going to learn something you can not afford to miss.

This will surprise you. Read on… You will understand the importance to your success… You will understand how you will create a successful website.

“I have just finished reading one of the most important books I have ever read in my life…”

How do I know that it is important?

“I know it is important because the author told me so”

And he has convinced me that he is RIGHT.

If I am not mistaken you’ll be sat there thinking… Rubbish. You could be screaming at me… You are a fool!

If so, I accept the accusations… No argument. Just read on.

So, how do I know he is right?

I know because he is one of the most influential writers in the world… the book is an Amazon best seller.

He is a successful salesmen and he knows what he needs to say…

“I am happy to pay”

I am happy to buy anything he writes. Why? Because I found someone who was directly to me...

  • He writes to me about what is important to me.
  • He talks about what interests me.
  • He talks about what will make my life better.
  • He makes me feel good.

I can fully recommend his work… you can learn from the power in his words.

This guy doesn’t mess about… He doesn’t hold back… He tells you straight…

  • How to make yourself feel good about yourself… its easy.
  • How to make other people feel good… tell them what they want to hear.
  • How to get what you want… help others get what they want.
  • How you can make yourself successful… continue to give others what they want.
  • How to make yourself happy… keep on giving.

In this incredible book the writer has told me everything I need to know to make my life better… I want to listen… I want to learn… I want to hear more.

It doesn’t matter what you say to me… you can’t really hurt me with a hurtful version of truth.

The reason is that I have been hurt enough already… I choose not to listen anymore.

  • Like you… I want to listen to good news.
  • Like yourself… I want to hear happy stories.
  • Like you… I want to be happy.

You’ll agree… “This is truly important”

Do you want to know more…? I gladly tell you…

See you soon


p.s. Read through this post again and you’ll see what your successful website needs.

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p.p.p.s. In the next post I’ll introduce you to my new friend and share with you what I have learned.

Monday, April 16, 2007

"Amazing Star Of Your Own Website - Is That You?"

Hey! It’s easy to be the star of your own website… Surely, its obvious…

There is only YOU.

“Its your website”

Its your own website…
  • Created by you
  • Written by you
  • Subject chosen by you
  • About what interests you
  • About what inspires you
  • About what you want to do

Yes, its your website.

Look! You’ve just read "Will you meet your star?" It tells about a young talented artist who meets an English Princess… face to face.

Its your website…

“Whatever you want to do with it is up to you”

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says about it. It doesn’t matter what suggestion you get to improve it… it is your website.

If you want to ignore proven recommendations… it is your choice.

All decisions are made by you…
  • You are the Star…
  • You are the King or Queen.
  • You are Emperor.
  • You are Prince or Princess.
  • You are Duke and Duchess

You are who you want to be in the world of your own website…
  • You can be President
  • You can be Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • You can be Director

There is only one person to make the choice… YOU!

You know that you can easily and quickly create a simple website using word processor skills… at small cost.

You can produce your own blog site… for FREE.

You can build a website FREE.

(Look back at my earlier blog postings to find more)

You read Your Website Needs Star - And That Star is YOU! ...

I am confident that you are exactly the person for the job…
  • I know you are an expert
  • I know you know your subject
  • I know you have truth
  • I know you have passion

I know that…

“You are the STAR!”

I want to know more… Let me hear more.

See you soon

Mike Dale

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Will you meet your star?

Reckon So!

“Why not?”

Truth is… you don’t have to meet your favorite personality.

The great thing, in this day and age, is that you can get very close to personalities and stars from all walks of life… so close that you can know everything you want to know.

Film stars, Television personalities, dancers, singers, rock-groups, politicians, sportsmen… you’ll find a fan website or support website.

“You can get so close…”

If you are a football fan… there’s a website. Any sport you can think of has a website, telling you about the professionals, what they are doing and where they are playing.

If you’re an ambitious amateur you’ll find websites showing you how to improve your game. You’ll find coaches to train you… you’ll find places to play. You can find out who the professionals use… and ask them how to better your game.

Yet, for you, seeing your hero on a website isn’t enough…
  • You want to stand in front of them and shake their hand.
  • You want to talk with them face to face.
  • You want to share the air they breath.

If you don’t believe it can happen you are wrong.

“If you are serious enough you will meet any star you want to meet”

You don’t believe me?

If you are sitting reading this and saying “I’ll never get to meet anyone famous…”

This story will change your mind…

Many years ago a talented artist decided to paint a painting to help raise money for Save The Children, a charity that tries to support children around the world. Princess Anne, the Queen of England’s daughter, was the patron… about as important a lady in the world as you can get.

Guess what… that young artist presented the finished painting to Princess Anne… exactly as he had planned.

Michael Dale, the artist, met and spoke with one of the most important and influential people in the world, surrounded by hundreds of people… because he wanted badly enough.

Do you know... Mike Dale, the writer, will meet his heroes.

You have the confidence of your own talents…
  • You know what you can do well.
  • You know what you can do best.
  • You are an expert.

You know how to make things happen… Meet your favorite star… and best of all…

“Stand there as an equal”

See you soon

Mike Dale