Sunday, July 8, 2007

“Choosing Your Blog Template - Time To Start Blogging”

This is the final stage before you begin writing your first web log.

When you complete Stage 2, ‘Name Your Blog’ and click the link ‘CONTINUE’ you are taken to the web page form shown below…

I’m not going to lecture you about which of the available templates to choose… it’s your choice.

When I began it was recommended that the first template ‘MINIMA’ was the best.

I have taken that recommendation and have no regrets. It gives a simple, clean and clear outlook. There are no distracting graphics and your visitor’s eye is quickly directed downwards to what you are saying.

MINIMA plainly follows the principle… Keep It Simple!

Why argue with great wisdom?

Well, that’s all folks… click the link ‘CONTINUE’ and you can start your first Blog.

Best of luck with your blogging… please let me know how you are getting on.

See you soon


p.s. There’s more… you’ll want to know how to reorganize the look of your blog and change the settings… don’t worry, I’ll help (look for future posts)

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