Wednesday, July 4, 2007

“What To Name Your Blog”

This will no doubt seem obvious to you but I’ll as the question just the same…

“What are you going to call your Blog?”

The final stage of setting up your Blogger web log is lost unless you know what you are going to call it. You will want a good name for your Blog.

So, what name are you going to give your Blog…
  1. Do you call it after your own name?
  2. Do you try to think up some gimmicky, unforgettable name?
  3. Do you name it in keeping with your subject interest?

Think for a while…

1. Do you call it after your own name?

This possibly appeals to you… your own website that shouts your name to the world.

Beware, could this be vanity? Could this be the best way to get your name on the internet?

Okay, you could be a famous person already. Your name could be on the front page of all newspapers all the world around. If this is the case you must call your Blog after your name… your name is the Blog.

Otherwise, as an average man or woman you are most likely to be known only to your family, friends and colleagues at work.

Ask yourself “Will anyone be looking for my name?”

The answer will be “Perhaps… perhaps not!”

2. Do you try to think up some gimmicky, unforgettable name?

Where’s the harm in trying to come up with a new brand name?

You could be starting a revolution… the new Google or Amazon.

On the other hand, the name you choose could be unforgettable to just one person… YOU!

If you go down this path, you will have to work hard linking in your visitor’s mind to what you are saying. Okay, you might have invented a new drink that is better than COKE but how do you get your readers to understand?

Not so easy! Is there a better way?

YES! Take a close look at option 3...

3. Do you name it in keeping with your subject interest?

Well? What are people looking for? What are they searching for?

If your interest is snail racing then your Blog could be called something like ‘Snail Racing’.

See, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

You surely agree that if you are interested in snail racing you would be searching for websites and Blogs that told you exactly what you want to know. There‘s no question, ‘Snail Racing’ as a headline title tells you just that… its specialist subject is about snail racing.

What if Snail Racing has already been taken by somebody else?

Is this a problem?

No, just try some variations around the theme…
  • How To Go Snail Racing
  • How To Win At Snail Racing
  • How To Breed A Snail Racing Champion
  • Secrets of Snail Racing

See, there are thousands more variations that work. Its your job to choose what you like best.

Try to find a Blog name that describes what the subject is. Try to find a name that contains the key words people are searching for. Use key words that make it easy for your potential visitors to find your Blog.

Don’t place barriers in front of people who are looking for what you can give them.

If they want to know about snail racing and you are an expert… Give them what they want!

In the next post “How To Name Your Blog” and complete the sign-up process…

See you soon


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