Monday, March 26, 2007

Your website needs a star… and that star is YOU!

This posting has taken a while to prepare. Why? Simply, because a website is technically pretty easy to create but immensely difficult to make interesting.

How do you make your website interesting? It’s important.

Think about this… You want to create your own successful website about something that interests you. It could be a website concentrating on your hobby or pastime. It could be a site that promotes your beliefs. The focus of your website could be a famous or influential person.

All this is reasonable for you but will it interest anyone else (Yes, I do ask this question all the time)

Maybe the website has wonderful facts and information that could be incredibly valuable to hundreds and thousands of people. Who knows, this might be enough to succeed.

What is evident is that any website you see on the internet is conceived, created and run by somebody… somebody with thoughts and ideas… and the enthusiasm and desire to share.

Whatever your website is about the main interest must be YOU…

Now, imagine, it’s been a long hard day’s work. You know that you are tired and your body is telling you to relax. But, you have been invited to a movie premier. You were invited months ago.

Today is the day and you’ve waited a long time to see the featured film.

Inside you are excited but your energy levels are low. You feel worn out, you have been working so hard but… there’s no way you are going to miss the night of a lifetime because you know that…

Your favorite star is going to be there… he is the hero of the film.

Hmm! I wonder who might be your hero.

A whole lot of people are depending upon your work… there’s so much to do… and there’s so little time.

Can you afford the time to go?

Yes! There is nothing on earth going to stop you. You know you will be there!

And there’s something else driving you… You want to meet your hero, personally. You want to hold his hand. You want to say “Hi!” and tell him how great you think he is. And you want to let him know how wonderful his performance in the film was.

Will you meet your star?

There’s more… you want to tell him what he means to you and how he has changed your life. You want let him know the film roles you liked best. You want to praise the qualities he brought out, along with the strengths and human frailties.

Of course, you know there’s so much more you’ll want to say. You want to make intimate contact with and personally communicate…

This is a love affair… is it a one-sided love affair?

What can you do to get close to your film star? Or, are you going to stand in the background, content to catch a glimpse as they walk past, each footstep silenced by the red carpet.

What is your choice? Is there a choice?

Who cares? Obviously, you care… but you know that your favorite star hasn’t heard of you.

How could they? At best, you are just another face in the crowd… an unknown!

But, you are not a complete unknown. You have family. You have friends. At work, you have colleagues and associates.

You are loved and respected. You are admired and worshipped…
  • Aren’t you worth it?
  • Aren’t you worthy?
  • Aren’t you a star?

Know this… With your own website YOU ARE THE STAR… your website needs you to be the star.

See you soon


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