Monday, April 16, 2007

"Amazing Star Of Your Own Website - Is That You?"

Hey! It’s easy to be the star of your own website… Surely, its obvious…

There is only YOU.

“Its your website”

Its your own website…
  • Created by you
  • Written by you
  • Subject chosen by you
  • About what interests you
  • About what inspires you
  • About what you want to do

Yes, its your website.

Look! You’ve just read "Will you meet your star?" It tells about a young talented artist who meets an English Princess… face to face.

Its your website…

“Whatever you want to do with it is up to you”

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says about it. It doesn’t matter what suggestion you get to improve it… it is your website.

If you want to ignore proven recommendations… it is your choice.

All decisions are made by you…
  • You are the Star…
  • You are the King or Queen.
  • You are Emperor.
  • You are Prince or Princess.
  • You are Duke and Duchess

You are who you want to be in the world of your own website…
  • You can be President
  • You can be Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • You can be Director

There is only one person to make the choice… YOU!

You know that you can easily and quickly create a simple website using word processor skills… at small cost.

You can produce your own blog site… for FREE.

You can build a website FREE.

(Look back at my earlier blog postings to find more)

You read Your Website Needs Star - And That Star is YOU! ...

I am confident that you are exactly the person for the job…
  • I know you are an expert
  • I know you know your subject
  • I know you have truth
  • I know you have passion

I know that…

“You are the STAR!”

I want to know more… Let me hear more.

See you soon

Mike Dale

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