Monday, May 21, 2007

The Information Marketing Master Class

Hi, it’s Monday evening, after another busy day, as I write the foreword to this posting. I want to tell you what I’ve been doing over a special weekend.

I met two guys who have made a great change for me. They are known in the UK as the ‘2 Neils’, who invited a small and varied group of people to The Information Marketing Master Class.

What every one who was there wanted was a simple and structured path to discover the riches locked deep inside the world of internet marketing. Many had attended high costs seminars held by the top internet entrepreneurs but found that they left without the key to unlock the treasure chest… They had received high value products… but afterwards they were left alone in a desert of confusion.

Like most of us they had spent $1000’s, yet they were no further forward… they were left with no support.

I’ll be brief so that you can read what I wrote immediately after the first day…

"May 19th, 6.45pm

I’m sat here in the hotel room at the end of the first day of The Information Marketing Master Class.

This is a training course devised and hosted by Neil Travers and Neil Stafford, aimed at helping everyday people empower their lives through internet marketing.

I can tell you that I am impressed…

They have arranged excellent facilities at the Thistle hotel at Haydock, close to Haydock Race Course.

They have been courteous throughout, from the introduction on Friday evening to include a complementary evening meal at a local Italian restaurant.

With good humor, they have presented the basics that anyone interested in starting an online e-business needs to know. The group of 18 have mixed levels of internet expertise.

The 2 Neils keep it simple and easy to understand for those who are starting from zero, whilst they give someone who knows something of the technicalities plenty of tools to boost flagging morale.

What I like is that they don’t patronize. They freely include knowledge from the attendees, building upon and reinforcing the group confidence levels. Much of what they are saying isn’t new but it is presented in a structured format… offering a template that can be easily followed.

For the first day, the emphasis is research. Research about finding and choosing niches that offer realistic opportunity before a single penny is spent… a most sensible approach.

Time is spent investigating the best ways to rapidly locate likely markets with various free online tools that help you drive down into subject interests that have proven interest.

While some of the subject cateories show maximum levels of interest they don't offer you profits. Here, you are shown how to find positions in the market that you can dominate. They show you where to look for subject focus that is too small for the big players but plenty big enough to provide you with good profit.

I took plenty of time thinking before I signed up for the course (getting the final place) and feel every bit as confident that day 2 will build upon what has been gained from today.

Must go now… it is time to get ready for the evening’s meal… and networking with other like-minded friends."

I’ll save the 2nd day’s impressions for the next post… needless to say that the promise was amply met.

See you soon


p.s. Thanks to the 2 Neils and Karen for a great weekend full of information, knowledge, good humor, patience and true generosity… the accommodation was good, food great and bonuses that are most appreciated.

p.p.s. A significant bonus was sharing hopes and aspirations in the warm company of other new friends… great fun.

p.p.s. The 2 Neils give confidence that when support is needed and asked for… they will be the first to offer.

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