Sunday, May 6, 2007

“More About How To Make Yourself Feel Good About Yourself… It’s Easy!”

Right, no messing, I shall introduce the person whose important writings have kick started my new outlook…

Joe Vitale

He, along with a few others I shall introduce to you in time, talks quietly and confidently about how to feel good about yourself. At the same time he shows you how to sell yourself. He uses simple straight forward language to tell you everything you need to know about yourself.

As promised, here is a man who has found a way into my head and heart. His writing has spell binding quality. It has influence. It has power and it has…


And, best of all Joe Vitale’s writing pulses with warmth and generosity…

It is uplifting, heartwarming and comforting.

There is none of the mean-spirited ramblings of others whose envy and despise corrode and erode. There are no words that bring you down or make you feel small…

You and I want to hear talk that makes you feel good... Words that give sunshine to your day… words that make you expand… words that open the universe wide.

Joe Vitale writes words that GIVE.

And, Boy does he give… it is his whole reason…

And it is his reason for SUCCESS.

From the giving of his knowledge and sharing his expertise he has found himself a wealthy man… a fortunate man of influence and treasures…

He is a man who attracts more of what he gives out.

Joe Vitale’s mantra and faith lie in the principle of GIVING.

He freely gives away what you and I might want and treasure. He gives away what you and I would pay $100’s for. He gives away the sources of the information that costs $1000’s…

And, in return, he gets what he wants in greater supply than he gives.

Isn’t that an incredibly lucky man? Wouldn’t you want some of that?

Or, like you, is it the wisdom of accepting your talents, knowledge and skills… and then sharing them freely and without reserve… without expectation of reward?

With that in mind, I’ll share this thought with you…

“If there is one thing I envy about Joe Vitale, it is his unfailing FAITH”

But, if there is only one thing I have learned from Joe it is that “You and I can share that FAITH in ourselves that we can make our own success” (Of course, there’s a whole lot more…)

Powerful stuff… Profound! Well worth every penny you’ll spend.

Don’t you want to hear your website visitors say the same about you?

Joe Vitale is the author of too many books to mention. Don’t just listen to me… Find out more at

Go on… discover a great website.

See you soon


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