Sunday, March 18, 2007

First Step To Writing Your Successful Web Page For Your Website

Okay, I’ve spent the last 4 posts talking about web hosting for your website. Have I said all there is to say? No, there’s far more to say…

The same applies to your writing. It is going to take more than 1 article to tell you what you need to know. If you think you are being shortchanged consider this…
  • There’s far more to know about the technicalities of web page design than I know.
  • There is too much to learn about HTML script than I want to know.
  • The coding behind PEARL, ASP and PHP baffles me beyond reason.

The truth is that I don’t want to know about the in depth working of computer programming, computer systems or how the computer works… it just doesn’t interest me. It is a foreign language that is far beyond my capacities to learn. And, before you try preaching to me that I must learn… don’t waste your time because…

There is no way I’m going to waste my time when there are experts out there in the world that already do it for you. There are thousands of computer experts and programmers around the world.

I’ve just watched a video of a Gary Halbert seminar (his free newsletter website is a fantastic resource) and was struck by the sense of what he said…

“Don’t worry about the things like “Where do I get this done… and who do I ask to do it?”… Concentrate upon your sales message”

Sounds pretty good advice to me… it doesn’t what your subject is, whatever ideas you are trying to present… you are going to have to sell them to your visitor. So, why not concentrate your efforts on what is important to you?

I don’t know about you but I’ll concentrate on trying to find and work with the word tools that will WIN.

Yes, there’s no disputing that you do need to know the simple HTML stuff. By this, I mean the kind of visible coding you see behind every web page when you click the ‘View’ & ‘Source’ buttons in the web browser.

Also, it does help to know a little about how to make your web pages work more efficiently so that your visitors can find them and access them.

If you want or need anything more learn let Louis Alport’s training videos give you all you need to know at

Why am I saying what I’ve just said?

Because, even a numbskull like me can see that it isn’t how the website is made that will sell your ideas and products…
  • Your words sell
  • What you have to say sells
  • How you interest your website visitors sells

As a designer and semi-professional Fine Artist, I am used to working with the principle of “A picture says a 1000 words”… RUBBISH.

If it were true, then answer me this…

“Why are there so many experts saying so much about the Old Master’s paintings?”

It doesn’t matter who the artist was. It could be Picasso or Dali. It could be Rembrandt or Van Gogh… it doesn’t matter.

There have been more words spoken and written about art than you could imagine. Here’s the truth about pictures…

“A single picture without an explanation asks nothing but questions”

And, for your website…

“A picture without words to explain what it is about makes the picture useless…”

It has to be made relevant with your words. It has to become part of the story you are telling.

For example, I used various pictures throughout . Has a single picture convinced you to buy?

Is your answer “NO!”

Yet, when I ask a similar question…

“Have the words convinced you to buy?”

Your answer might just be “YES!”

Now we are getting somewhere…
  • Have I managed to interest you?
  • Have I opened a wound and made you feel the pain of not knowing how…?
  • Have I teased you?
  • Have I tormented and hurt you?
  • Have I offered you the sight of a solution to your problems?
  • Have I offered you the promise that you can solve your problems with the help I am offering to give you?
  • Are you persuaded that I am worth you taking a chance with?
  • Have I shown you that you can afford to take a risk?

Only you can truly answer these questions. When I have been successful, you will buy and it will show with a long order list. If you aren’t convinced and you aren’t emotionally committed then I’ll have to try again… it’s as simple as that… WIN or LOSE.

Is there more? Of course there’s more… don‘t doubt it, the help you need is on its way…

See you soon


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