Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where do I host my website… and how much does it cost? Part 3

In many ways this is an extra part that came about because of an error in my last posting. However, it is an unexpected bonus...

Remember, in Part 2, I told you about my artist friend, Peter Woolley, who managed his art website using free web hosting? Well, this was old news and here I offer him apologies for the errors and mistakes (I should have checked before printing).

However, when he started, he did use free hosting from Virgin (not Yahoo, as previously stated) for his early website but as the website grew he found that he needed more. I think Peter’s words explain far better…

“Unfortunately, I have to tell you that some of your facts are wrong - I haven't hosted my website on the free web space for a very long time - I did initially, of course, but as the site grew, I had to change to a virtual web-space package hosted by

So, I’m pleased to hear that Peter’s art website grew way beyond the facilities that free hosting could give. The ‘free’ lessons he learned along the way contribute to the strength of … Go on, take a look (if you are interested in watercolor painting… I can confidently say, “He is a master“)

Peter goes on to say…

“Actually, I have two web-spaces… to accommodate both my regular site and the online workshop pages I provide for registered visitors”

Because Virgin only provides 50MB of free space, Peter’s successful website needs far outstrip the free web hosting facilities. Apparently, 500MB of web space is closer to what he now needs…

This is 10 times what he started with.

Of course, if you never want your site to grow beyond 50 MB then follow the free web hosting. Alternatively, you could take Peter’s lead and look at (I haven’t heard of them before, so I can’t give you my thoughts)

What Peter Woolley’s experience shows is that it isn’t difficult to make your website grow beyond what you are given with free web hosting. And, now that the costs of commercial, professional web hosting are so low… you can afford to start with a basic home web-hosting package.

More about that in Part 4...

See you soon


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