Saturday, March 17, 2007

Where do I host my website… and how much does it cost? Part 4

This is where it gets serious…
  • You have your ideas for your website.
  • You know what you want to share.
  • You have decided what you want to say.
  • You have planned the website content and layout.
  • You have written out your webpage sales letter, personal detail page, order page, and etc.

And, rather than use limited free resources, you are going to pay for professional quality web hosting…

If you’re in any doubt about yourself or the website you want to create consider this question…

“Are You A Professional?”

To be fair I took this question from the newsletter Internet Marketing Review, by Neil Stafford and Neil Trafford…

Consider this “Do you want someone else advertising what they want on your website?”


No more patronizing questions. I said that I would tell you where I hosted

Out of the millions of different web host advertisements I decided upon


The simple answer was that they offer a range of hosting options that start low (with low costs) but can be expanded to full business hosting. Even if your website idea flops it doesn’t have to cost the earth to try.

You don’t need to be told about exactly what they offer. It’s just that they provide you with a massive range of add-ons.

Have I used all of their extras?

No, you don’t think I’m that clever do you… I wanted to show how a simple website was easily creatable using simple word processor type tools that you would be already familiar with. I wanted you to see that you can easily learn all you need to take control and keep it.

However, when the hard work has already been done for you why take the hard options. When you are comfortable with the meanings of PHP, PERL, ASP and the rest, you can look for the free programs that are available.

You don’t have to spend massive amounts on web hosting to begin with. Just take a leap of faith in what you want to do… and “Do it! It‘s almost risk free”

Yes, of course you’ll get things wrong and make mistakes… Goodness, I’m making a fair few mistakes now but I’ve started now and the mistakes I’ve been making are giving me new ideas that I can use later.

That’s enough about web hosting for now. It’s time to think about what to write. Your website needs to use words. So, what words should you use…?

See you soon


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