Thursday, January 25, 2007

“Do you know the 7 secrets of web page words for your website?”

  • Words that speak your message to your visitors
  • Words that describe
  • Words that inspire
  • Words that create interest
  • Words that convince words that asks questions
  • Words that command
  • Words of action

I listed the seven secrets for your web page words in an earlier posting, “How to start your first web page”. I don’t suppose they looked too important to you as you read through.

Well, it might surprise you more when I let you into an even greater secret… I made the list up as I wrote the blog.

There you go… the list didn’t strike me as being so important.

Strange really, that I hadn’t thought more deeply about a simple made up list. Yet, a few days later I’m not so sure that I wasn’t closer to the heart of the truth than I had realized. Like you, I’ve read so many lists of ‘power’ words and ‘secret’ strategies for this and that.

However, some of the writing about the so called ‘magic’ in the words is beautiful in itself. Often, as much as I try to resist, some of the words do have influence upon the way I think, feel and act. I know that my response as an intelligent person should be negative but, try as I can, the words do have strength and control. Occasionally, when I know I should resist, I am hooked by the best writing.

There you have it, “I admit that I’m a sucker for a good story”

Now, take another look at the list. Each line describes elements of the best stories, news articles and books ever written.

I don’t know about you… “I think I’ll consider this list a little more seriously now and begin to look for the secrets I‘m now certain it contains”

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