Sunday, January 21, 2007

Your One Web Page Website

You are probably wondering why I have used the heading ‘Your One Web Page Website’.

Very simply, because your mind could be seeing a website consisting of tens, if not hundreds of inter-related web pages you will quickly be overwhelmed by difficulties.

Why overload yourself with unknown difficulties when you can take an easier path “One step at a time”?

By thinking as a spider, about to construct one of the miracles of natural world engineering, a spider’s web, the first strand is most important of all. Without that first strand there can be no web.

Oh, yes, I can hear all of the experts saying that you should be planning the structure and layout for your website on scraps of paper, to make absolutely certain that nothing can go wrong. Well, that is great for them. No doubt they have been creating webpages and working on websites for years.

They might be lucky to think with a fixed logical mind that structures every move they make. But, we aren’t all made like that, are we?

In truth, like the rest of the human race, they can physically concentrate upon doing only one thing at a time. Their advantage is that they have already gained the experience you seek and can anticipate the stages that you aren‘t aware of. This doesn’t mean that it is difficult or beyond your future capability when you find a way to take pressure from yourself.

So, what does this ‘One Web Page Website’ approach give you?
  • It allows you to concentrate on what you want your website to do.
  • It allows you to find out what your visitors want to know.
  • It allows you to concentrate upon what you want to say.
  • It allows you to concentrate upon how you want to say it.
  • It allows you to make mistakes.
  • It doesn’t cost a huge amount.
It allows you to find out what your visitors want to know.

I’ve found that it is much easier to start a website when I haven’t tried to do too much. I haven’t had to worry about covering all the angles. There hasn’t been unnecessary detail to get in the way of achieving a result.

The main advantage of using this approach to website design is that it allows your web site to grow naturally. Yes, there is a major disadvantage. As the experts will continue to tell you, the site will need redesigning in the future, to handle some of the changes required. However, when your future website becomes so successful and profitable, it will warrant and justify the expense of the giving experts the job of making it work better.

For the moment, a successful single web page is a great first ambition. Think about it, you won’t need to worry about the next web page design until your first web page tells you that it needs the help of another webpage. There’s no need to worry about links to ‘order’ pages and ‘special offer’ pages.

Your single web page will soon tell you that it needs another page to handle new instructions or offer your visitors extra information.

Finally, if you still think that a ‘One Web Page Website’ isn’t a good way to produce a successful website then just type into any search engine ‘minisite’. I’m sure that you’ll find hundreds of references. (Today Google gave 1,740,000 references)

A ‘minisite’ is a small website consisting of just a few web pages, with the main index web page giving all the details, information and actions required. The only function for the other webpages of the site will be to provide direct support for the main page, such as ‘privacy’ and ‘order’ pages.

Minisites offer a simple and direct way to contact with your visitors. A minisite gives you the advantage that you don’t have to spend massive amounts of time to test your website ideas.

“You will eliminate your own confusion and reduce the chance of confusing your website visitors”

Does this sound good to you?

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