Saturday, January 20, 2007

There’s too much to learn about creating websites and webpage design… I just can’t cope!

Is that you who is saying, “There’s too much to know about designing and creating web pages for a website…? I think I’ll just give up now!”

Or, is it me?

Often, the old film quotation, “Quite frankly… I don’t give a damn!” comes to mind.

It’s at times like these when you think “There really is just too much to learn and too much to do”.

And the truth of it is that there are times when this is exactly correct. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about computers or the Internet, you hit a barrier. It feels like a form of physical exhaustion. It’s like a bad dream where you find yourself standing stock still, knowing that you should be moving but, in your nightmare, you are frozen.

I’ve heard a lady friend say that she can’t get her ideas for a website up and running… She is not stupid. Equally, my computer design friend feels that he has every reason to shrink away from the website design task in front of him… and, he’s not so dumb!

They recognize their limitations but they don’t seem to see their strengths.

If you find yourself feeling at a standstill with your website creation, stand back for a moment and try to take a clear view. You may have tried and failed with web page construction many times during the last few years (I have). It might seem too high a mountain to climb.

You feel fed up with trying to find the elusive treasure promised at the end of the rainbow…
And here, the rainbow is the limitless information about “how to build a website”. Everyone is telling you that you should use ‘this format’ for your web page, or design it using certain ‘magic’ webpage creation software.

Then you are bombarded with “You aren’t managing your internet presence with…” All of this junk wastes your time and distracts you from your real website goals. There is so much good advice available but too much advice is an intrusion, whether or not it is good advice that will save you time.

It doesn’t matter what the reason for intrusion… You and I cannot achieve our aims to produce a good clean website presence on the internet when there are too many distractions.

To a large extent, the only advice you need is “To ignore advice and just get down to the basics with the skills and enthusiasm you already have” In other words, “Just Get Started…”

It can be difficult to get started when all you see are your apparent website design limitations.

This is why I like the principle of ‘blogging’. Although I am surprised at my response the simple directness of a weblog is something I am sure will become increasingly more important.

So, don’t worry about your limitations. Take one step at a time and…

“I’ll soon see you there”

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