Tuesday, January 30, 2007

“Here is an example of a simple ‘minisite’ website”

Now, understanding that to write your first web page for your website means nothing more than just that, I reckon you’ll be bursting to find out how to make all those words into a fancy ‘all singing’, ‘all dancing’ web page. You’ll be wanting ‘flash’ this and you must have ‘bells and whistles’ with that.

Although I consider myself as something of an artist, I’m going to say to you now…

“Don’t do it!”

You don’t need to have loads of distracting gimmicks… Leave the fancy graphics alone and stick with using words to interest your website visitors. You could use a ‘letter’ approach, like Gary Halbert does at his site www.thegaryhalbertletter.com

Alternatively, take a look at www.your-first-website.com as an example of how you might like to present your own first website… it is the new website that inspired ‘How To Design Your First Website’ blog.

The main thing about the website is that it maintains simplicity. There is nothing clever happening here and it certainly isn’t a perfect example of a website. What www.your-first-website.com does show you is an easy to create style of website that you are easily capable of creating.

Yes, you will point out that it does include pictures. However, it only uses images where they are relevant and offer value to the web page reader. Most importantly, from website performance perspective, they are images that have been edited to load quickly so that the web page loads fast.

Otherwise, the look of the website is very crisp, clean and simple…

“Do you think you could design a simple website like this?”

I reckon you can.

In the next blog I‘ll show you where you can get a really good free web page editing tool unless you have already found it at www.your-first-website.com

p.s. Please excuse the reference to my website but if I don't refer to it I can't show you how simple it is for you to produce a successful website of your own.

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