Monday, January 29, 2007

“What do you write for you main webpage?”

Its a few days since I last posted for ‘How To Design Your First Website’. I’m finding it difficult to make sense of anything much, whilst trying to work through a ‘cold’.

It might be called the ‘common cold’ but for me it is getting too common for my liking… this is the second this winter. There have been sniffles, sneezes, tickly coughs, catarrh, stomach cramps, aching, headaches, tiredness, dizziness and shivering. It’s been a head cold, chest cold and chill.

This is one free gift I could have done without receiving. It is a viral gift that has been quickly shared between lots of people I know.

And, trying to work through it has been like thinking through fog and talking through treacle (have I got that right?).

Whatever… with thanks to the medical aid of paracetamol that is enough of talk about sickness and illness for now.

I’m sure you have, at some time, been scared by the thought of writing. You might be thinking “It’s a big thing… too big for me”. There might be thoughts going through your head like: -

“I don’t know who it is I am writing to”
“I don’t know what they want to know”
“Will they like me?”
“Should I change what I’ve written?"

Yes, it is a big thing… and don’t forget it. And the thing to remember most is that it is the start that is the biggest threat of all. If you don’t begin with the first letter of the first word…

“Your story is dead”

This is a shame because you know what you want to say but, perhaps, you can’t quite figure out the best way of saying it.

So, rather than try to let you wade through thick slimy mud, like I feel I‘m struggling through with this cold, I’m going to give you a free boost. It is a gift from a distinguished copywriting expert that could teach quite a few writers a trick or two.

Here’s where the sound of a fanfare should sound, as I present to you the one and only Gary Halbert and his incredible online resource at

I’m not going to say much more for the moment… I’ll let a real expert speak.

If you are worried about what to write and how you to write, Gary Halbert’s FREE archive gives you more than enough ideas to get your pen moving and help get your words flowing.

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