Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Welcome to How To Design Your First Website

In the description above you will see that it is the aim that you will be able to follow the birth of a new website that shows you how you can easily design your own first successful website, even if you have never created a web page before. You will be shown how simple websites are easy to create with free and easy to use web page creation software.

How about that for lofty ambitions?

Well, here I am sitting in my armchair, after a long tedious day in the office, ready to begin the next new phase in my Internet education… to become a ‘blogger’

The cat has announced that she is ready to come in from the winter’s cold icy winds and join me, after first taking a light snack of her fresh chicken flavored biscuits. Although she tries to help, purring and crawling all over me, I must admit it is rather difficult to get started with my first steps as a blogger. I hope she settles soon.

There is a reason why I’m struggling to get started. In truth, I suspect that the cat and I are both working at a similar level of ignorance, so we make a good partnership in that neither of us realized that a blog could make an easy start into website design.

To begin with, I am taking my time so that I can record the stages, so that anyone who takes the time to read blogs but feels uncertain about writing their own thoughts can reassure themselves that it isn’t really so difficult. I reckon that I am just about convinced now.

I’ve just begun by filling in the necessary details: name, number and shoe size. This stage seems pretty simple and follows the details I’ve read in my “easy guide to blogging” (I‘m sure you have read your own versions of tutorials and guides). Likewise, I’ve used the settings suggested in the guide. However, the version has been upgraded and I can’t find the ‘Time Zone’ setting for America/New York. Otherwise, there don’t seem to be any settings that don’t correspond and I reckon I can live with things as they are.

Like you, I am keen on becoming a huge name on the web. Great as the ambition might be, I haven’t reached the lofty heights yet. However, also like you, I don’t intend to let this top me from trying. I am not going to let ignorance or lack of expertise get in the way.
Creating a web page surely isn’t so hard to do provided it is kept simple.

Also, if kept simple, designing a website isn’t beyond the wit of any intelligent person, such as you and I.

Finally, now the basics are understood, I’m sure you’ll agree that managing your website is going to be equally within our capabilities.

Look, I am no great website design expert or Internet wizard and I‘ve spent a great deal of time failing to achieve the standards expected. Perhaps I was wrong to try to compete by starting my first website as an art gallery showing a range of paintings, along with a watercolor painting course and exhibition news. It was too ambitious, too large and it died.

I wish I had seen the simplicity that a weblog offers when I first started, around 8 years ago.

So, if you want to create a simple, effective and successful website to promote your interests, hobbies or business and agree that you want to learn how to make your own web pages that are tailored to what you want to say… lets try to work together and surely we’ll succeed.

Let us try to hunt for the knowledge we need and find the generous experts who can help us achieve our dreams. Are you interested?

It is time to go now, the cat is sleeping comfortably and so must I. See you soon.

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