Thursday, February 1, 2007

“Here is your free web page editor”

In yesterday’s blog “Here is an example of a simple ‘minisite’ website” I promised you a free web page editor.

So here it is at

When you download Mozilla web page navigator you are also provided with the latest version of ‘Composer’ - for FREE!

Of course, you probably prefer to use Internet Explorer as your main web navigating tool, which you can still retain, but I can certainly recommend Composer as a very simple and easy to use web page editor. It is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) tool that really does let you see what you are creating as you are working.

Previously, I’ve used an early version of Navigator Composer to produce simple web pages. I definitely find that I am pleased by the improvements that come with Mozilla Composer.

Now, I’m not going to tell how to use Composer here because, as always, there is someone who I know is far better skilled. He is an expert at website design and webpage creation. And, rather than write miles of pages using technical terms that no one can understand you are shown by easy to follow video demonstrations that you can view on your PC.

Personally, I think Louis Alport deserves an award for the way he guides you into the simplicity of making a fully working website. I like the fact that he is so confident about what he knows and what he can show you that he doesn’t edit out the minor problems mistakes that occur through the videos. Even while his computer is having ‘a bad day’ he still gives you all you need to know… I can’t recommend him highly enough.

You can find more about Louis Alport's website design advice by listening to the first 2 Louis Alport demonstrations at - they are FREE to listen to.

For the next blog I’ll give you a simple web page template to use.

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