Sunday, February 4, 2007

"Here's what Healthy Webdesign say about web design"

Here’s what Dawud Miracle, of Healthy Webdesign, has to say in his blog Give Your Website A Chance to Help Grow Your Business, Posted, February 2, 2007: -

“I love being inspired. This morning, I read Biana Babinsky’s post, Stop Cold Calling. In it, she offers a three step plan for those starting out with online marketing”

Referring to Biana’s post he quotes the following list: -
  1. Define your target market
  2. Create/revise your web site to make it an effective sales tool
  3. Use online marketing techniques to drive your target market to your web site

More importantly, he expands with a longer list of important considerations that include…

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Your Audience
  • Your Peers & Competition

And more…

I don’t think you can go wrong in taking a visit to see what Dawud Miracle has to say and you can bet that I shall also be taking a closer look at Biana Babinsky’s post.

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Dawud said...

Mike. Thanks for writing about my site and the work I do. I'm sure we'll see each other around.