Saturday, February 10, 2007

“Make your website look as good as this…”

Unusually, it is Friday afternoon as I begin to write this post. It has been a full week of work, designing a London underground rail vehicle, that has left me with little time and energy. Like most people in the world we have great intentions to achieve but find life’s distractions get in the way.

When I look at the progress of this blog and precious website I realize that there is still that huge mountain to climb. I’m already tired and I’ve hardly started the long climb. I guess that, as with a mountain climb, you need to build into your plan the times your focus will be lost. When this happens, interest will drain away and all the ambitions will fade away.

Well, I can tell you this…

“I am serious about becoming successful”

What’s more…?

“There is so much I can learn on the way to achieving this success”

And, even better…

“I know that the things I learn about web page writing and website creation are exactly the same things you need to build your own successful web design”

At the moment I have a little time to spare, so I think it is time to take a closer look at Biana Babinsky's post Stop Cold Calling!

This is an article where Biana say’s…

“If you hate cold calling, you are not alone. Many business owners hate cold calling, but since for many business owners this is the only technique to drum up new business, business owners just keep using it”

She goes on to qualify this with…

“Online marketing is all about bringing your potential customers, who are already looking for what you have to offer, to your web site”

Hey, this is exactly what we all want to know, isn’t it? “How can I get as many customers to come to my website and spend their money on what I have to sell?”

“This is what I call success - I want to know more"

Now, strangely, I m not going to say any more about Biana’s article, other than … “Read Stop Cold Calling! for yourself” Biana is the expert… take a look at what she has to say.

Initially, I may not have been inspired in quite the same way that Dawud Miracle, of found. I think that this is partly because I am interested in the earliest stages leading to the design of a website, where the ideas are just beginning to take shape.

However, as a professional designer, what I am going to say is take a long hard look at her blog site, Internet Marketing for Solopreneurs By Biana.

I really like the layout of her site…

“What you will see is beautiful clean simplicity combined with easy on the eyes layout and functionality”

I also like the wide range of offers she manages to pack into a single page. There‘s a whole lot to see and you will easily find what you want whenever you want it…

“I think I could spend a lot of time finding a whole load of interesting stuff”

I want to get as much out of my blog site as Biana seems to have given with Internet Marketing for Solopreneurs By Biana. If this isn’t a successful website then I want to know why not.

Here’s an admission…

“I want and to look this good. In fact, I want all my websites to be this good”

Well! The rest is up to me.

You can find out more about Biana Babinsky and what you can learn from her about your website and business by visiting

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Dawud said...

Hi Mike.

I think you have a fine start here. Using a pre-existing template isn't a bad idea while you work on developing your blog. That way, you can do both visual development and grow a following.

Thanks for the mention of Healthy WebDesign. Please email me when you've added an RSS feed.