Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Even More on… How Can I Use The Free Website Template?

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With article Developing The Grid That Supports Your Design by Emanuel Blagonic you are given an introduction into how you can extend the simple template into a more advanced webpage format.

‘How To Design Your First Website’ doesn’t try to bamboozle you so, as usual, I won’t try to tell you how to do something when there is an expert who can tell you better. Go on, take a look at Emanuel’s article.

What you might find confusing (or as likely you won’t) is some of the terms Emanuel uses…

You’ll notice that he refers to numbers with ‘px’… All this means is ‘pixels’.

This means that where I suggested using a frame of 600 pixels width for an A4 letter size, Emanuel uses frames and cells that have their widths controlled by pixels (i.e. 40 pixels width)

What you might find useful is to split a frame into 2 or more cells. The advantage of this allows you to provide spaces for text and images, side by side.

Of course, depending upon your needs, with your imagination anything is possible.

The main advantage is that, without having to resort to more advanced programming techniques, you can simply maintain an advanced looking web page template.

However you decide to build your website, Emanuel’s article Developing The Grid That Supports Your Design is an important webpage design guide.

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