Wednesday, February 7, 2007

“How many web pages do I need for my minisite web site?”

You know that life can be full of frustrations. Yesterday, I intended to add this post and my internet link was unusually busy. I couldn’t get a connection and it cost me at least 2 hours while I waited.

Still, a little spare time does allow you the chance take review what you are doing and gives you the chance to read and learn. I found that it gave me the opportunity to think about what more you might need.

Without doubt you have ambition to create a great website that contains hundreds of magnetic web pages that bring you adoring visitors and result in massive sales. But, as I’ve said before, you need to focus on the small detail of a single web page. By getting the basics right you start with a far better chance of success.

So, understanding the importance of a good start you will want to know how many pages you might need to keep your mini website small and manageable. I do hope the rest of this post will help you find an answer…

Now, if you haven’t found out where your FREE web page template is yet, don’t worry. You’ll be able to get your copy at

Remember, if you need greater in-depth understanding you could get the Louis Alport video demonstrations available from as a hand-led guide through the processes of website creation.

Otherwise, I hope you have been enjoying using your free web page template. See, it isn’t too difficult to construct your own front web page for your website…

“You have done well!”

All it amounts to is the use of plain language to interest and entertain your visitor while you give them information and you share some of your own knowledge.

It can’t be finer than that. Not all the fancy websites developed by the finest website designers in the entire world can come up with a better solution than a simply delivered message given by you.

Let’s face it…
  • Do they know what you know?
  • Do they know how you think?
  • Do they know what you can do?

Using simple plainly spoken words gives you an advantage when someone needs an answer to a problem that you can provide an answer for. Straight forward direction towards a solution is what people really want and expect.

Do you think you have achieved this with what will be your first main ‘index’ web page?
(The welcome/introduction/home page should be named ‘index.html’ or ‘index.htm’ - It is the first page that any search engine expects to find for a website)

Now, if you are going to keep to the idea of a minisite you only need to make an ‘order’ page and ‘fulfillment’ page. Of course, if you are offering free samples of a product then a ‘sample’ page is handy too. That amounts to only 3 or 4 web pages.

“Can you say what you want to say in 3 or 4 web pages?”

I know, it can be quite a challenge to bring everything together in just a few web pages but I’m sure you will find it worth it. I can prove it to you how badly a website can go against you if you let get out of control…

Just read my e-book "How To Use A Minisite To Design Your First Successful Website" and see if you want to ignore the warning.

To close this post, let’s talk a little about how you will create the rest of your web pages…

As with your home page, it is just a matter of adapting the web page template with your own version of text. If you are short of ideas, take a closer look at some of the other websites you see on the internet. There are plenty of sources for inspiration.

All I’ll repeat is “Try to keep it as simple as your home page”

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