Sunday, February 11, 2007

“Warning! Don’t create rubbish websites like these…”

“Life can be so disappointing…”

In a moment I’m going to run through a very short list of some of my recent disappoints. But, before you switch off and run away, let me tell you that they are minor and haven’t turned me into a moaning misery. Better still they can all be put right in time.

Anyhow, here goes the short list…
  • Yesterday morning I couldn’t post the blog I’d written on Friday.
  • I’ve given free sample copies of Louis Alport’s website creation videos to my friend and he hasn’t found time to watch them yet.
  • Neither nor receives any visitors yet.
  • Have I chosen the wrong subject to write about?
  • Is anyone remotely interested in what I have to say?

And… I have the housework to do… and the cat has decided that she wants attention.

The first response I expect from you all is… TOUGH! GET OVER IT!

Each and every disappointment listed is truly minor. The world won’t stop turning because of them and my life isn’t at risk.

Okay, I’m having a little grumble but I know I can easily sort out most of them pretty quickly. Those complaints that can’t be fixed quickly are problems that I am interested in finding long lasting solutions for. The major issues might take time to fix but I know that the fix will have brought me incredibly valuable knowledge.

So, let’s take another look at the list to see what can be done to solve the problems…

1. This was easy to sort - I posted the blog later on Saturday (No real problem here)

2. My friend’s life is full of other interests and responsibilities… when he is ready he will watch his complimentary videos that will help him to understand that creating a website for himself isn’t so difficult.

Why should I be disappointed? When he is ready… I will try to help (once again there’s no real problem… I can‘t force him to take an interest)

3. I didn’t really expect to have any visitors yet. This is mainly because I haven’t advertised either site. I haven’t taken any notice of any promotional advice.

In fact I have totally ignored the sense that Biana Babinsky gave with her post Stop Cold Calling! Here she said that “Online marketing is all about bringing your potential customers, who are already looking for what you have to offer, to your web site”

How can I ignore such good sense? How dumb can I get?

4. I could well have chosen to write about the wrong subject. “Why?”

The reason I don’t know if anyone is going to be interested is because I haven’t asked the question to anybody “Does the thought of creating your own website scare you?”

Are you beginning to see how stupid I’ve been?

5. “Is anyone remotely interested in what I have to say?”

Clearly, because I haven’t asked anyone any kind of questions relating to their website design interests I can’t get a sensible answer.

Now you know just how idiotic I am.


As I said at the beginning of this post, each of the 5 problems can be sorted out. The first issue wasn’t a problem at all. It was only a minor distraction.

The second problem isn’t my problem. Making a website isn’t even my friend’s problem until he wants to take a serious interest.

Obviously, what needs to be looked at is the fact that and aren’t working because I haven’t found out if anyone would want to know anything about them.

I’m not going to say anymore just now. You can find out more about how I will solve the last 3 problems in my next blogs. This is where the interesting bit starts. Great…

“There’s so much more to learn”

There is one thing I do know…

“I know that you aren’t so stupid as to make all of these kinds of mistakes… Are you?”

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