Sunday, February 18, 2007

How Relevant Is Your Website?

There is an awful lot Dawud has said in Dawud Miracle’s article Is Your Site Relevant? It is all so obvious when you have read it but each of the points identified go far beyond the old advice of 'meta tags' and etc.

Don’t you agree that it is a great thing that the internet isn't so easily fooled by silly webmaster tricks? Many of those tricks, supposed to rocket your website to 1st position in the search engines, are still touted and sold by out of date publishers selling out of date news.

The problem here is that you can't stand still, relying on redundant techniques. Surely a generous and honest site will give more and last longer. It will surely become stronger and successful if it becomes a trusted resource for your services and products.

“I don’t know what you think but I want truth… I want to be able to trust”

If there is any doubt that you can trust a website, you won’t go rushing back there, expecting to be ripped off, will you? There’s no way you want to feel the pain, is there?

The list of factors that Dawud gives in his article Is Your Site Relevant? is: -

  • Content
  • Freshen it up
  • Link it
  • Link up
  • Write Away
  • Blog it
  • Opt-in

I’m not going to give the game away here. Read Is Your Site Relevant? for yourself to find out more… and make your own mind up whether you choose to take his advice… I know that I certainly shall.

I've found that Dawud generally gives excellent advice... He certainly hasn't disappointed here.
The strategy given here is the intelligent, quality driven approach. There is the underlying honesty you’ll like and the truth factor you need is also there.

When you design your website like it will stand you in good stead for getting what both you and your website visitors want… interest and enjoyment… and success.

With “How To Design Your First Website” you'll already know that I am a slow learner. You could also say that I am only just getting to grips with website design…

“I agree with you”

What I am looking for is to find a number of experts who give as much as Dawud Miracle does with his website

When I find them… You shall be the first to know.

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