Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Can I Use The Free Website Template?

In my recent post I gave you a link for a free webpage template “Your Free Web Page Template”. To get your own copy you can find it at: -

But the real question that you were asking was…

“You’ve given me a free website template - What do I do with it? How can I use it?”
First you need to open Mozilla Composer. Then, find the ‘Window’ command and open ‘Composer’. You will get a blank page, just as you might expect.

Towards the bottom left of the page you will see 4 icons: ‘Normal’, ‘HTML Tags’, ‘HTML Source’ and ‘Preview’.

Try clicking on the ‘HTML Source’ and you will see the following text: -

meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"http-equiv="content-type"
title /title

This is the HTML code behind a blank web page (for clarity I've left the brackets off - don't forget to use the brackets as shown in Composer)

Now, open the FREE web page template and take a look at the differences between the HTML text of the blank page. Try to find the lines shown above and see where they lie.

You will see that (html) starts and (/html) closes the web page text.

Scan down a little and you’ll find (title)Your First Website Web Page Template(/title)
Your page title should be placed (or edited) between (title)(/title)

And, further down you will see (body)(/body)

This is where your text, pictures and precious links are placed.

Oh, yes. Before I forget, there is the line with (br). This is a line break.

Now, return to the ‘Normal’ page environment and try editing the large red text heading "How To Design Your First Successful Website In Less Than A Day From Scratch... Even If You've Never Created A Web Page Before..." (heading)

When you are satisfied with your own headline wording save your web page giving it a new file name that distinguishes it from the template. Next, view the results of your editing with ‘Preview’

What you will see is your own webpage that, with a few more text edit modifications, will be stamped with your own personal identity.

That wasn’t too difficult… was it?

“Why don’t you give it a try?”

It doesn’t seem like much, does it?

Well, it isn’t really all that complicated. And, there’s no urgency to make it more complicated.

So, although I have said that is rubbish, you will understand that it is also tremendously successful in its simplicity. In this respect I am more than happy with the result. All it is trying to be is a ‘no fuss’ letter to you, that invites you to take advantage of Louis Alport’s expert web design training video’s which show you how…

It is then your choice to act. When you are convinced by the message you will respond and buy.

“Tell me if you think it is successful in that aim”

Because, if the message doesn’t convince you… You will quickly walk away.

Also, if you’ve read my recent posts you’ll know that simplicity is the first route to your website’s functionality, reliability and manageability.

You can see how you can easily and quickly create a simple website of your own. You can afford to take some time planning what you want to say about your chosen subject. Also, knowing that it is no harder to write your message than it would be using any word processor, there is time to find your true website voice.

“Is there more?” Of course there’s more…

Yes, you will need more help and additional learning if you want to produce a more elaborate gadget driven website, when that is what you need. For now, you can be assured that you will be confident that you can choose to remain in control. With basic free tools like Mozilla Composer you know that you can create your own magic with your words.

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