Tuesday, February 13, 2007

“How do you link web pages?”

Hi! Here’s a more cheerful posting than the last one “Warning! Don’t create rubbish websites like these…”

Like all good things it will take time to find the correct pieces of the internet marketing jigsaw and put them together. Yesterday, I found something that I think could be really important. I’m sure you’ll agree but I need a few days to check it out before telling you about it…

"You don’t want to be given junk, do you?"

So, until then I’ll give you some more basics about designing your own successful website…

Here is another area where using a minisite website offers you great benefits. The fewer web pages your website has the easier it is to keep track of the links. Think about it for a second and you will realize that a 3 or 4 web page website doesn’t need a lot of links.

If a link fails from a web page it is easy to see where the problem is. Because there are so few web pages there source of the problem is easy to find.

Usually, the link breaks because there has been a spelling error, or a letter or number has been missed from the link path. It isn’t even unknown for the wrong page to be linked.

There are all manner of reasons a link can be broken but the main reason will be that the path hasn’t been identified correctly from the start. Below is an example of a link that I used in my website "How To Design Your First Successful Website In Less Than A Day From Scratch... Even If You've Never Created A Web Page Before..."…


I’m sure you’ve already used it to get your free web page template but you may not have realized that it contains information that allowed you to find it straight away without fuss.

Now, take another look at another version of the same link…


This leads directly to the same location as the first example but contains just a little more information. This is the true path for both of the text links above.

Let’s take a look at what you might be trying to do for your own website with 2 pages, index page (index.html) and sample page (sample.html).

Say you want to create a text link to your sample page from the index page it couldn’t be simpler.

Start Mozilla Composer and open your index page. Just type the line “To try a free sample just click the text link”

Now, highlight the part of the text that says “Here’s your free sample”. Look for the ‘Link’ icon that looks like part of a chain. Click this and you’ll see “Link Location” with a text box that you will fill with the location of your sample page. It will be something like…


Once you’ve filled in the link text box, click OK and you should have a link that will go directly to the internet location of your ‘sample’ webpage.

Note: you will notice that there is also ‘Choose File’ option that allows you to link to the sample page location on your own computer. This is great while it is only stored on your own computer but it is not going to work when the web pages are submitted to the internet.

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